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Be Inspired, Not Discouraged

The other day I went on a walk with my neighbor and her daughter. Half way through the walk she's like 'girl you have a stain on your butt'. I laughed and said 'ahh well what can you do'. She laughed and said 'oh you make me feel so much better, I always have stains on me (aka mom life) This little scenario got me thinking about how we tend to compare ourselves to others.
Have you ever went to someone's home and their house is in perfect order and you all of a sudden feel like a hot mess??
Brouse someones instagram and look at their perfectly edited life and feel like some how yours now is lacking something? In the age of social media, it's become very easy to be discouraged versus inspired!
So how does one navigate through this world without falling into the comparison trap? 1) We all have an unedited side:
Behind every pretty picture is a real person.  For example as you read this, I am sitting here in my sweats, toys strewn everywhere and wondering i…

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