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E L E V E N  Y E A R S of marriage.  Aside from serving Jesus, I don't think there is anything else that I have done for that length of time. Given our backgrounds my husband and my marriage is an absolute miracle that I give the glory to God for. He for one would not be married if it weren't for Jesus...and I most likely would have gotten into some toxic relationship that if I got married would quickly end in D I V O R C E.  This past May we celebrated eleven years! Each year I reflect on nuggets of truth that I have learned in my marriage. Here are a few things I wish I had learned early on or before I got married.B A G G A G E. F R E E.
If you know my testimony, I got saved at a very early age and was married soon after that. My character hadn't quite gotten a chance to catch up with my conversion. Many of my past experience ate away at me and made it difficult for me in the early years of marriage.S A M E . T E A M .
Early in marriage there was great satisfaction in &#…

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