Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh thumb!

If you read my preggo blog, you know I got a pinched nerve last week.  I was unable to move my arm for one day, hand for two and it took about a week for my thumb to return to normal. It actually still isn't 100% yet!:/

Anyhow not using my thumb was a nightmare.  Who would have ever thought something so small could be so useful!

It quickly reminded me of the scripture of how God places us in the body as it pleases him!  Sometimes we don't think we play an instrumental role. Or perhaps we don't value someone's role in the kingdom, but God forbid we lost them we would certainly see/feel the effects of that!

We all have a part to play, no matter how large or small.  It never occurred to me how useful my thumb was till I pinched my that's its on the mend I truly covet it!

Are there people you take for granted in your church and ministry?  Don't let loosing them be the only way you learn to appreciate them!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebrating 8 Years of Marriage

Today I celebrate 8 years of marriage with the love of my life! I can't believe how quickly time has passed.  I must say with each passing year it has gotten better and better!  I look forward to the years to come!
I am  blessed to be able to call this man my husband!  It's a privilege and honor!  He has stood by my side in sickness and in health!  Through good times and bad!  He has been the greatest encouragement and supporter! Ok enough of the mushies! LOL

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mamma's Day to all the sweet precious mommas out there!

I pray you are all blessed, spoiled and pampered!

This mother's day is especially exciting to me because our church is having a mothers day luncheon after the morning service!!!

Why is that so exciting?
Because most  mother's days catch me completely off guard. I find myself frantically running around Sunday am trying to find flowers to give the mother's in church.

This year I was on my A-game and thankful for a like minded brother who helped me pull the shindig off! Flowers, food, scented candles and special music taboot!  Can I just say when a pioneer church has special music for mothers day and is sounds good...
That's a cause for celebration!!

I am so excited for the mothers to come to church and be blessed. We actually encouraged the congregation to bring their moms to church.

Our church is filled with youth serving God while sadly their parents don't.  This will be an awesome way to get some family members to hear the gospel and see their children live in action serving Christ!!

Wishing, hoping and praying a wonderful mothers day to you!  And if you aren't a mom, bless yours or a mother you know!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Preston loves Church!

I posted this video on my baby blog!
But has to share over here too!

This is Preston's response to his Daddy's preaching!
I got myself another little preacher in my tummy :)
Also I want to thank all my readers for chiming in each week! I have been getting  200+ views!
Really grateful for all your love and support! And please don't only read...leave a comment! I'd love to here from you! xoxoxo

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Special Sunday, contending for JOY!

This Pastors Wife couldn't have been more thrilled yesterday during our baptism service. We has 11 people baptized at a local pool yesterday!  And it truly made my day!  I was having a rough day skin wise and some other personal issues, but nothing brings greater joy than seeing the work of God being done in another's life.  As I stood on the poolside taking photo's I was reminded of our first baptism there 5 years ago.  With just 2 or 3 people getting baptized and a handful of people in the audience. Who knew those small beginnings would ever lead to this!?  I am happy to say one of the first girls we ever baptized is still serving God to this day in another one of our fellowhsip churches(miss you Kiki)

Being a pastors wife has had it's shares of challenges.  Many of which i haven't shared openly on this blog...maybe one day will.  Yesterday morning as I got ready for church I was in tears.  Things just were falling apart (or so it seemed) in my life and I just felt at my wits end!  IN these precious moments we have two options. We can be defeated or we can have the victory.  Everything in me wanted to crawl back in to bed and weep the rest of the day...but I determined I was NOT going down like that! NOT TODAY!

I solved one of my issues for the morning by putting on a hat.  YES I was having a bad hair threatening stuff for the pw!  Let's just say it was the needle on the hay stack.  My husband came back to pick me up because, as  I was mid crisis when it was time to leave(thank GOd we live minutes from church)
As I drove to church I began to prep talk myself in my mind!  I WILL have the VICTORY.  I CAN make it THROUGH.  I sat down to pray and then service started.  I entered the most powerful worship I have experienced in about 5 weeks.  I remember specifically because last time i had powerful worship was a midst crisis too( seeing a pattern here)

It felt so good to worship  my precious Savior.  I closed my eyes, even at times lifted my hands wilst playing piano and sang harder than I have in a long time.  God is worthy of praise despite our crappy life situations.  I was filled immediately with TRUE JOY!  The kind of joy the bible talks about. The kind of joy Paul had when he said "he has learned to be content in whatever state".  Thou he slay me yet will I praise him.  And it felt SOOOOO good!

The day continued and the baptism finished and the devil decided to throw another fiery dart to ruin all the good done that day!  I learned our  battle is not ever over!  We have to fight through! Joy is a continual thing we have to contend for! And that's our only hope for getting through the tough times!

On the outside some may look at my life and think it looks like a dream.  Beautiful kids, family, flourishing ministry, nice home, name it.  But there is another side...a harder side....inner turmoils and attacks  I have to face that no body knows about. And while I am blessed...some of it has come at a cost...a price tag.
So I ask you to keep me in prayer and all the pastors wives you know personally!  Their lives aren't as glamorous as they may seem when they're rocking their Sundays bests!  We need, covet and solicit your prayers.  And often times it's our precious church and the wonderful work that Gods doing in the lives of individuals that keeps us going and gives us the greatest joy of all!

Well that post was quite all over the place...
Here are some photo's from our special sunday baptism!

The place was packed...some people outside 

What a supportive bunch!!

Brother Testifies after baptism!

YAY you did it!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not a Wednesday Fan

I found this post in my archives.  I never got around to posting it...but wanted to share anyhow.  Also I have to admit not working anymore has completely eliminated my not a Wednesday fan stress!  Now I love em!

A few confessions from a pastors wife:

I am not a fan of Wednesdays! Phewf! I said it!

Wednesdays we have mid week service at our church.  Which is an awesome thing... But just ends up feeling a bit overwhelming evening for me!

I come home from work around 6:15- 6:30.  Prayer starts at 6:30.  I have two girls that of course are starving and in need of more than a snack once they get in.  And then there are possibly hubbies clothes to iron if he is still working on his sermon.

Then we have to get ready for church...and we have me and my preggo self searching through my closet to find modest clothing that don't look tight.  I finally find the same sweater dress I wore the week before...and come straggling into church at about 7:15.  Barely having time to utter a half decent prayer.

Before I know it, I am getting a tap reminding me to be on stage to play for worship service.  On the way people want to chat and ask  me questions  or tell me about their day. 

But I just want to sit in absolute silence and think about nothing.  At this point I am so exhausted that I am sleeping with my eyes open...playing songs in auto pilot.  Lucky for me I can play piano with my eyes closed...a quick eyelid rest will do.

Then meet and greet time...shaking hands...hugging....all just much to much for my introverted, tired, mid week self.  I stay close to the outskirts of the room, say a few hellos and quickly escape back on stage to play bass for offering. 

At this point I am finally awake and ready to hear the sermon.  But that surge of energy only lasts so long.  By the end of the message, we bow our heads and I pray the back up piano player wants to play for alter call.  I just need to catch a few more moments of shut eye before the after service rush.

'In Jesus name... Amen'.  A brother closes in prayer and I wonder when will I get home?  By the time we do get home I need to make the girls lunches, get them settled for bed and school in the am.

At  this point I wish I had just stayed home! Anyone been there?  I know this sounds terrible for a PW to admit...but I have to keep it real. 

I am also not a person that thrives on busy schedules...I get tired in advance if I know my week will be busy.  So Wednesday church rushes do not cause my heart to skip a beat in excitement.

Needless to is Wednesday. I sit at work dreading the next few hours.  Today I was smart enough to take out my clothes before I left (no sweater dress today). Hope that makes things just a touch easier :)

I would never trade it for anything though... As the christian life is a sacrifice... Just doesn't mean I always enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Preggo Update

I figured I would do a little post over on this blog regarding my pregnancy. Since not everyone tunes in to my strictly preggo blog. For more info click here

So Here I am 28 weeks pregnant and starting my third trimester... I figured I would share my highlights in a preggo tag style.

How Far Along: 28 weeks....sheesh that went quick

Size of baby: 16.5 inches and 3 lbs.

Total Weight Gain: 25 whopping
Pretty normal so far! But hard to swallow. Figure I will gain 35 in total

Gender: Boy oh Boy!

Movement: He was extremely active for the first 25 weeks.  Now he seems much calmer! I have been praying for a calm

Sleep:  Finding it difficult to get to sleep.  Having crazy dreams.  The other night i had a dream about worms and maggots. It still gives me the heebie jeebies thinking about it! 

What I miss: Not much...preggohood has been filled with perks! I am sure once its over I will most look forward to my prepreg body!  Pencil skirts here I come!!

Cravings: Salty,spicy. Or fruity candy!

Belly Button: Well popped now...Phil'sbury doe girl in the house!

Symptoms: Not too many to date...experiencing some swelling now.

Best Moment(s):Gender reveal party! so hilarious!  Daddy's first felt kicks as well as my daughters!

Worst Moment: Week 6 & 25 scares.  One was a threatened miscarriage, the other was preterm labor scare.  All is well now!:)

So there you have it. 28 weeks down...12 to go!
Something's I am looking forward to:
Going away with my hubby mid may
My Baby Shower
Setting up the nursery
And my PW friend and her daughter coming to visit!