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H O W t o b e a P W?

A L B E I T   G L A M O R O U S  looking, any aspiring or about to be P W could use a few pointers before embarking the journey of PW-DOM.  Before my husband I began our church 9 years ago I remember trying to glean all the knowledge and wisdom I could from other pw's, asking questions, reading blogs/books ect.  Here are a few things I have learned in 9 years of ministry...and believe me I still have much more to learn!!

N O T   T H E  P A S T O R. I will never forget the unbelievably embarassing moment when my hubby and I started our church.  We were about 3 months in and we had a Bible study. We played this video... and in my humble was B O R I N G. Our study probably had all of 5 people there and we sat there for at least 2 hours watching the most boring video of all times. Of course educational and probably very informative for a new Christian...but to me it was boring!  I decided to open my big mouth and say to my hubby 'maybe it's time to turn it off, i…

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