Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Coconut Soup

As per my 'fall' resolutions each week I have been making a meal from scratch.  Using as many 'raw' ingredients as possible.  I have not had much time to take photos and post my recipes, but I assure you I have been doing it! 

Here's my latest success!!

Pumpkin Coconut Soup


2 cups chopped pumpkin
4 pieces of chicken, ( leg & thighs make good soup)
3 sprigs of thyme
3 cubes of chicken bullion
1small can of coconut milk
2 potatoes chopped
1 cup of carrots
1 clove garlic mashed
1 cup of barley
* flour dumplings 20
10-15 cups of water
Salt & pepper to taste
Scotch bonnet pepper ( optional)


1) fill pot with water and boil, once brought to a boil add chicken
2) once chicken is cooked add pumpkin & garlic, boil till pumpkin begins to break apart
3) add potatoes,barley, thyme, carrots, bullion cubes
4) let simmer. Lastly add coconut milk and flour dumplings. Once dumplings float to surface soup is ready to eat

* to make flour dumplings mix water and flour to make a dough. And a bit of salt, once and a half cups of flour should make about 20 tiny dumplings. Spin pieces of dough on your hand and drop in the pot.

Serves 4-6 people
Takes about 2 hours to make a good soup.  U want chicken to be falling apart. So don't add dumplings until chicken is tender. The flour dumplings will cook within minutes!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fighting Religiousness

Lately I have had a serious case of writers block.  But then when I thought about it I realized I have plenty to say...just haven't been open to saying it.

One thing that has been on my heart lately is how easy it is to become religious.  Especially for myself as a pastors wife...I live Christianity in auto pilot. This is what I know do to. It's my life!  I go to church, read, pray and then live.  I don't do any thing I shouldn't ( not saying I'm perfect) but anyone who has served God for any length of time knows what I am talking about.

Slowly we go from relying on Gods strength to our own.  I noticed that happening the other day.  A certain situation made me less than thrilled and instead of turning to Christ to handle the matter...I turned to...Go....oogle!

Certainly there is a step by step recipe to fix my problem.  How pathetic. How easy this becomes the longer you serve God, to push Him to the side and search for other ways to solve your problems.

There have been times I have prayed only to get it off my check list. No conversation, no waiting on the Lord...just a 'hey Lord, here I am, didn't forget you...k bye'.

Am I the only Christian this happens to?
Ha...I certainly am not, perhaps the only that's willing to admit it.  So how do resist the temptation to become religious? How to keep things fresh?

I look at my relationship with God like any other relationship.  To keep it fresh I need to invest.  And yes I invest much into my relationship with God, I go to church, read, pray...yada yada.  But like any relationship you have to mix things up a bit. 

Any wife can relate to this.  We want out husband's to surprise us with flowers, or a special date.  We got that desire from God. He desires us to persue him.  To go above and beyond the mundane and regular to worship Him!

So this week I encourage you to spice up your relationship with Jesus, do something new to get close to him.  Maybe book a Jesus date and go have a coffee & read, or study a new aspect of Gods word, have a spontaneous outreach...the sky is the limit!

I am sure that will awaken and deepen your relationship with God and cause the Religious spirit to go Buh-bye!

A post for the hubbies!

Came across this post last night and thought I would share :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to School, welcome fall

As you all probably know fall is my most favorite season!   Every year without fail my heart leaps as the leaves change.
I love the scarves, candles, colors, boots...I swear I have written this before... Lol

Anyhow every year around fall I set some fall resolutions.  Because September always feels more like the start of the year for me than January does. Blame back to school for that!

Here are my fall resolutions

1) Not to complain, this has been my year resolution and one I feel I have been failing. Not that I have been complaining outwardly much, but now instead inwardly.  So I am not allowing myself even 'complaining' thoughts...only maybe a day a week...or else I just may explode Lol

2)Revisited the indoor voice with kiddos, maybe back to school or just stress of life has cause my voice to raise a few octaves and in volume lately! Back to a quieter and calmer tone.

3) A book a day, gives me something to say... OK more like one book per week. My oldest daughter has that challenge for school so I am joining her. 

If you are an avid follower of my blog you know I have done all these for fun I shall try something new.

4) Cook an everything from scratch meal once per week and blog about it.  Yikes, talk about commitment, truly considering back spacing right about now.  And to think you would never know!

As this new school year has started I have gone back to work. I am working at my daughters school. Major plus!  So that's been a new challenge, but very exciting. My focus has been very home based lately. Trying to be the best wife and mom I can be.  Giving my best to my family and equipping them with what they need to go out into the world each day!

I have a special burden for my family and home. I guess it's a God given burden and one I don't take lightly.  This fall I plan to take my commitment to my family much more seriously and shower them with love, prayer and service.

I encourage and pastors wife,mother or wife out there to do the same.  And if you are a hot single sis I encourage you to develop practices of a Godly wife and mother.  Let your private life be one that glorifies God.

Lots of love

Lady Vee

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rodney Family Mini-Vacay

This past week my family and I were able to steal away for a couple days and go on a little family trip. Collingwood reminded me so much of Nova Scotia... Atleast the water parts! 

The trip was short but sweet and well needed!

Here are some pictures of how we ended our summer 2014!

Welcome fall!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Post 200

Wow, today is my 200th post!
How time has flown since I wrote my first, and some how my 100th post I think I may have forgotten about.

This blog has truly be a special place for me.  A friend of mine said that when I write it doesn't sound like me.  What I have realized is that this is a place I can be the me I want to be.  I can get away with saying "thangs" I possibly wouldn't in real life and get to express my inner most thoughts that I rarely do in day to day conversation.

I really treasure this blog and am hoping to take it to next next level.
But I need your help.

What are some things that you would like to read about?
What are some things you think I could do to attract more traffic to my site?
What are some of the posts you have enjoyed and would like me to do more of?
Do you read any of my other blogs, ie.,

Thank you to all my faithful readers and here is to 200 more posts! xoxoxox

Lady Vee Life Photo Update

Didn't realize how tall my baby is until I saw her sprawled out on the sofa

Sunday Fun at church

So sweet she made this cake for her daughters birthday! And it tasted YUM!

LOL to the random foot of mine in the photo

Sisters painting :)

My Bro & My Daddy

Nothing like chicken and chess to pass time

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Did I buy them? No...not yet lol

Ms. wRight and her wRightmaids...missing Ess

This little baby is such a tropper she went in for stomach surgery at two months old...She is doing just fine!

Too cute, from a bday party we attended

How's that for a last minute party...last minute as in 1 hour before arrival

Me & my man...gotta love him

Our trip to Niagara with Pastor Tops & Sis Joanna

Miya's orientation..aaahh she starts school