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Consistently Consistent

Every year on my birthday,  I ask God for a birthday present!  I know it sounds a bit ridiculous.  But I heard it in a sermon once and thought...why not?? Lol

I don't go asking for a new wardrobe, or anything material. I often ask for something pertaining to my character or relationship with Him.  Patience, grace, kindness, hospitality...that kind of thing.
This year my goal and request for my birthday was to be 'Consistently Consistent' . I find this is an area many Christians struggle in. 
We lack consistency in most things, but mainly prayer, Bible reading, devotions.  Over my 13 years of salvation, I can't say I have always been ''consistently consistent' .
With Gods helps and some new practices my birthday wish has come true:
1- My Bible App- While I loved turning the pages of my actual Bible, sadly I don't hold onto my Bible as much as I do my phone in a day . I make a habit of reading my Bible almost every time I open my phone. Even if just for a…

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