Saturday, February 21, 2015

Media Fast

Last night our church watched a documentary called ' Captivated'.

It's a film that discussed the effects of media and how it has inundated our minds and taken over our lives.

I have committed to a 30 day media fast.
During this fast I will refrain from
Social media
Surfing the internet

The fast also includes refraining from
And entertainment

I don't really use those items so I had to dig deeper and see what media I could cut out of my life.

I am looking forward to all the free time I will have to spend with Jesus, my family and friends. I encourage you to watch Captivated for yourself. It's absolutely inspiring!

I will continue to write over the next month and update once my fast is over!

God bless you all!
And I shall be back in 1 month! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Statement Necklace

On my birthday a dear friend of mine gave me my very first one and only 'statement necklace'.

These flashy necklaces are quite 'hot' commodities in the accessory departments and trending on necks everywhere! 

The necklace I received represents me in a lot of ways.  It was simple, classic with a hint of boldness! Just like me!  My friend knows me well and picked a necklace that mirrored who I am as a person. (Good job xoxoxox)

It got me thinking of the statements our lives make.  Right now if your life were to be a statement necklace what sort of 'statement' would it make. 

Another dear friend of mine was describing my husband and I and said 'when she thinks of us she thinks obedience'.  Now I humbly accept that statement and know there have been many disobedient moments in our lives...however, I thought it interesting that to her... that was the 'statement' our lives are making.

While these necklaces are beautiful the Bible says 'let our beauty not merely be outward'.  Take today to take a cold hard look at the statements your life is making.  Let's make our lives make statements of truth, kindness, Christ's Love and generosity.  Let our lives make greater 'statements' than the necklaces we wear!

My new necklace will always be a friendly reminder of the statements I want to make with this life!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Share & Compare Generation

This is the "share" era.  Thanks to social media and ever progressing technology sharing our lives with one another has never been easier.  The Internet has made distance a non issue by connecting long distance friends and relatives with one another via skype, facebook and the like.
While social media  can be a wonderful way to express yourself and reach out to others, it can also cause insecurities and compare issues that perhaps people didn't suffer from 10 years ago.

I had a friend share a story with me about how she was looking at someones instagram page and after doing so felt completely unfulfilled with her life.  Talk about depressing...but this is what social media can do. Now that it's being shared...we want to compare our lives to it, and compare everyone else's lives.  The 'Jones' family are now all over the internet and keeping up with them is that much more difficult. 

When my friend shared this with me, I thought "is this the life you really want?" A photograph and a witty caption only can depict so much 'truth' in a persons life.  Most people only post those 'happy' 'picturesque' 'proud' moments...not the time that the house was a disaster and  decided to go to bed anyway. Not their husbands angry face when he sees how much money was spent last month.  Not pictures of your children's cavities from all the sweets they have eaten or how they peed their bed. Not the photo that  shows all your flaws, wrinkles,pimples and all!!  Oh no...God forbid we show that we actually burned tonight's dinner!( I actually accidentally  cooked rotten food in my dinner the other night....)

The danger of this share & compare generation is much of what we are "sharing" just isn't reality.  It's not the norm of our's just a small snippet. However, how easy it is for an onlooker to look  at our perfectly edited lives via social media and think "well my life sucks".

When I first started this blog my intention was/is to show my life...a real genuine, honest perspective of the life of a pastors wife and well me....Lady Vee, Victoria.  And I have even found myself at times posting the cute photo's and sharing the "sweet" stories...which could easily cause someone else so read and think 'man...she makes this look so easy??'    I do try and catch myself and throw some boo-hoo's in there.

I really wanted to reach out to all those who have a habit of comparing their lives to others...and let you know behind all those pictures and sweet stories is a DIFFERENT story.   Each of our lives has the good, bad and the ugly! Cherish and love the life God has given you!

Have a lovely week guys!!
Lady Vee

Monday, February 9, 2015

PW Pride... Three digit service and move!

Hubby and I started our church in NY a little over 5 years ago!  Most know we started with humble beginnings ...with a whopping 12 people in out first service...7 of which included us, our family and friends.

A couple Sundays ago we had 101 people in church for the first time!  I say this because it absolutely blows my mind.  It's like watching a child grow!  How does that happen?

Our church has been in the 70/80 section for a while...every once and a while reaching up to the 90's...but the 100 mark has been one we have all be waiting to get to for at least a year. 

The milestone seemed 'So close..yet so far' (those word will never be the same thanks to Gabriel's song lol)

Well, we finally reached it.  And it felt great. The usher showed me the count mid service and I actually yelled out in joy!  Thankfully no one heard.

Today's service we finally moved into the other side of our church,that we had been renovating for quite some time!
Another huge milestone for us! To think we moved in just over a year ago, barely filling half the building and now have the entire building to ourselves!! Gods on the move!!

In all honesty, it's not about the numbers at all...especially if you don't see the fruit of it...but this is why I was so excited. We are seeing the fruit. We are seeing young converts lock in and bring their friends and family.  Revival is a sight to see!

Sometimes you can feel your efforts and prayers are pointless but God reminds me that His Word does not return void.

Last year I went through a lot of hellish attacks...some days I felt like this PW stuff just really isn't worth it.  I suffered through and endured...and somehow that sweet number and watching all the lifted hands in worship today made it worth it. 

The fact God could use our lives to help others is an honor and humbling.  I think of the lives God used to help me get to where I am today.

As a new convert Ainsley, Bernie and Rex would pick me up and take myself and my oldest to church.  Giselle lent me the book I kissed dating goodbye and encouraged me with her testimony over birthday cake icecream.  Pastor and Sister Mary gave much encouragement and even drove me to work each morning.  Sister Justlin would pray for me and allow me to come to her home and see a real family function. Lisa & Agatha's example of witnessing and friendship.
And many many others really helped me become the person I am today.

Sometimes we don't realize or we take for granted the role we have in others lives.  I have learned playing that role is the only thing that brings true joy.  Pouring our lives out for others!

Think today of those who have blessed your life and maybe of how you have been instrumental in the lives of others!!

Lady Vee

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day to Day life with LV: Candy Shopping!

Two girls and onto child number three really has my life and time stretched quite thin!  Hats off to the mammas of 4+ out there!

That being said, I wanted to start spending more one on one quality time with my oldest. She is in that beloved 'tween' stage and needs a little extra TLC...especially before the baby comes.

So each Thursday I am trying to make a tradition of doing something small with her on our way home from work( I work at her school).   She isn't aware of the tradition yet...and I secretly pray she doesn't catch on... as she thrives off tradition and doesn't take kindly to cancelled plans! 

That makes things ever so challenging for her 'Mommy Dearest' the queen of 'cancelled plans' lol.

For our little date today we decided to raid the candy isles of seven eleven and have a candy shopping spree.  Amazing how much candy you can get for 3 bucks!?!  This date brought me back to her age when my parents would give me a loonie and I would fill my little clear baggy with as many 5 cent candies my dollar could buy.  She had the same budget today and did quite well picking accordingly!

My eyes widened at the selection.  Coca cola bottles, twizzlers, blue raspberry gummies...oh my!! I am not sure who was more excited my oldest or myself.  Both candy feigns.  Throughout pregnancy I eat pretty normal.  Try and eat healthy, I buy organic produce and dairy...but candy and I can and will not part.  We may only see each other from time to time...but we are inseparable.  Wondering how I ever survived a no sugar diet...I truly am a sugar addict!

So far our daughter dates have consisted of going to the nail salon, for pizza, Italian and now a candy shopping spree..
What will next week bring?

Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bible Goals

Last year I had the goal to memorize the whole new testament by chapter.
I am proud to say I attained this goal.  Though I still need to regularly brush up on them as my mind is a leaky vessel. Haha.
This year my goal is to read my whole Bible within 4-6 months. It involves about an hour of reading each day and so far as been a blessing!!
The word of God is just so gosh darn powerful and I think it's something we often take for granted.
Since beginning this intense plan, I find I have the victory in my mind over negative and stupid thoughts.  I am able to refute lies with the word of God and find I have stronger convictions.
This year I encourage you to get on your A-game with your bible reading plan and challenge yourself.  Not the same old 3 chapters a day to keep the devil away!!
Accountability has helped me stay on top of my reading.  The app you version (Bible app) allows you to add friends and see one another's reading activities! 
Plus there are plenty of different devotional plans and study plans that you can do as well!  And it's all free!!
Let 2015 be a year to get into you WORD!!

No Makeup Challenge

For the last 9 years I have faithfully worn makeup.  It was an extension of myself.  I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without mascara or concealer, yet since this year has began... I some how have managed to stop wearing makeup.

Now this was not on purpose....but just sort of happened?

I realized I had gone a few days without makeup and decided to put some on and I hated the results.  What was happening to me?  For the first time I understood why most men prefer women not to wear makeup and was able to appreciate my beauty as it is.

I was able to accept my flawed face and feel confident to show those flaws to the world.  How liberating not wearing makeup has been?  It's not makeup that makes me beautiful... It's me.  But avid makeup wearers can succumb to the lie that without makeup they aren't pretty.

The other day my eye was itchy... So I was carefully rubbing u don't want to mess with the mascara and then it dawned on me...I have no mascara on....I was able to rub away!

Getting ready for work, church and outings are so much easier and faster.  One less thing to go wrong.

So I challenge you sisters who swear up and down they can't survive without makeup... go a week in your own skin!  You may be amazed in the beauty you find!

Taking off the makeup gave me a chance to see who I really am...and me thankful and happy with that.  Am I saying I will never wear makeup again?  Maybe  not but I am enjoying the season!

Lady Vee

Comment if you are brave enough to do the challenge!! :)