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In one moment Jesus can change your life forever!

Pw confession: I had been dealing with an unbelievable amount of anxiety, fear and stress lately.  Felt like my world was falling apart and my mind couldn't handle it anymore.

On top of that , I felt since I was experiencing health issues, the Lord must be displeased with me! (Anyone who has suffered any sickness for a longer period of times knows what I am talking about)

b u t  G o d  h a s  a  p l a n

On the first night of revival last month at our church, Pastor Alvin preached a sermon called 'Is it well with your soul?' and how spirits can attach themselves to your life through areas of trauma. I realized that some of the things that have happened to me over the years,  opened the door to fear and anxiety. I constantly lived with the looming thought 'what was next?' 'what attack is around the corner?'

During the first night of revival, the pastor called people to come up for prayer. I was reluctant, but I went. He gave out words to others that gave me goosebumps. I knew they were from God. He was done. Or so I thought. He asked for two more minutes and came to me and said the 'Lord is pleased with you. Just like the Lord looked down at his Son, he looks down at you and is well pleased.' He continued to talk about having a greater influence and God sees the weights, I bare that no one else sees. But the words 'He is pleased with me'  stuck out profoundly.

It counteracted every word that was spoken against me in life. Since hearing that word I have more confidence in areas of weakness and who I am as a woman in Christ.

I used to beat myself up all the time. I never thought anything I was doing was good enough. I doubted my abilities as a mom, wife, pastor's wife...human!  Lol

The revival ended with him giving me another word. Two words?? What are the odds of that? Similar circumstances. He turns to me after I thought he was wrapping up the service and says 'the lord hears you'. He continued to say more but those words gripped my heart. How many times had I wonder if God was truly hearing my prayers?

These words truly changed me life. Confidence, joy and a new found hope. I don't worry so much of what others think. I am no longer hard on myself. I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made by Jesus!!

My reason for sharing is two fold. For one, I never want to forget, what was a defining moment in my life.  It's been 3 weeks since I got my words, but those two words spoken have literally reshaped how I think and process life.
And two, for you!  The crazy thing is I could have had this victory in my mind a long time ago. I just needed to believe it.

Many times we want a pastor to call us out and give us a word, but we can get a word daily, director from the mouth of God.

That word is the Bible. As grateful as I am God spoke to me, I felt sort of saddened. Why don't we apply God's word to our lives on a regular basis. Why does it take a mere man for us to believe?

I encourage you that you can have the same experience I did, perhaps even more powerful if you seek the word of God daily!


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