S U N D A Y || A day in the life

S I X • A M...beep beep beep!  The alarm sounds!  It's Sunday.  For me, that's the most important day of the week.  The entire week hinges on Sunday running smoothly! Kidding, but this is what my day looked like this particular Sunday.

Today's Momma's Keeper, a new ministry I started for the momma's in my church.  The basement needs to be cleaned and the washroom. As well as figure out the itinerary for my momma's lunch.  All before the kids wake up in an hour or so!  I hurry downstairs and make my morning coffee,  God forbid I start my Sunday without it.

No, I am not addict, I don't think...haha.
Coffee is made and consumed by 6:10am, I rush and get the house 'just right' for my special guests coming over that afternoon.

7:30am the kids are up! Show time! Baths, brushed teeth, beds made, breakfast, re-cleaning the previously cleaned kitchen.  The kids are ready by 8:30 am. Victory!

Now it's time to get myself together, and one last once over of the house before we make our exit promptly at 9:30am. Family is in the car and headed to church by 9:50. I quickly write the Momma's Keeper plan in my phone as we drive. On these days I am glad we drive as a family!

Church finished at 12:15 that day, I still need to  go to store and make dessert for the momma's and be home to heat the dinner for  lunch. 
The problem: I'm stuck in parking lot backed in by three cars. It takes 20 minutes for everyone to move!  Ahh the stress

Finally, I get home and it's Momma's Keeper time.  We have a lovely lunch, but I under cook the cinnamon rolls...and then I attempt to fix it and over cook them!  I digress...things can't always be perfect...the moms were very forgiving hehe.

By 4pm the ladies have left, all but one and my energy has collapsed. My dear sweet sister helps me clean to prepare for a fellowship #2 after church at my home.

I pick up my kiddos from church, come home and lay down for 20 minutes.  Back up again and getting ready for evening service.  Church finishes at 7:30pm. I practice a song on the piano for a few minutes and then need to rush home for the next fellowship.

We order food, we hang out, we laugh, it's amazing...I'm tired. Haha it's 12 am.  Everyone has gone home, I tidy up and prepare my mind to homeschool the next morning...
Truth be told, we all sleep in and start school at 12!

The Sunday of a Pastor's wife!

Every Sunday certainly is not nearly as hectic, but this day my introvert self was S P E N T. Lol


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