W O M A N H O O D. R E V I V E D.

Chivalry has been one of my daughters ' sight words' recently. It has sparked much talk in my home. I will jest to my hubby that chivalry is dead and sadly in 2018 that couldn't be closer to the truth. But chivalry isn't the only thing that seems to be obscured by today's society.

Womanhood and the essence of acting like a lady seems be on the decline aswell. So Ladies, here's to reviving womanhood because being a lady transends culture and personality which is encouraging for all of us! And perhaps our attempts will bring back chivalry for 2019!
 Lol A lady can dream!

Here are my thoughts...

Ladies should always have top knotch manners. Please and thank you's go without saying.  But it goes past that.  It's intuitively knowing when to admonish someone higher than yourself.  It's helping clean up after you go to someone's home without asking.  Having manners is an attitude of thoughtfulness.

H Y G E I N E.
Ladies should always be well groomed. Take care of yourself.  It gives you confidence and shows others that you are to be taken seriously.  Each week I try and do pamper nights. Not only does it relax me from whirls of life, it reminds me of my feminine attributes.  If I was having a grouchy day, a quick bath or pamper often puts me back in a mild mannered mood.

G O D L I N E S S.
While many women can be lady like without ever knowing Christ, the Bible does speak of a 'quiet gentle spirit'. Women with virtuous meek demeanors that fear the Lord. This type of ladylike-ness is cultivated through a relationship with Christ. Something about getting in the presence for God pulls at our heart strings and makes us want to be different. Better. Like the beautiful women He created us to be!

Being in a Christian environment has definitely helped groom me into the woman/ lady I am today...that and my pw nickname. Haha!  However growing up, I remember my Mom telling me things like 'Ladies don't use foul language' ' Ladies always sit with their knees together'. Or I shouldn't watch The Simpsons'. Lol

What are some things you learned growing up about being a lady?


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