t h e J U G G L E

The ministry is marathon, not a Sprint. Honestly can't believe I have been a PW for almost ten years.  Nearly a decade later I have learned,  this is a juggling act, where I balance all aspects of life.  But the art of balance does not necessarily mean I split myself evenly between motherhood, ministry, ect.  Balance is entirely different!

There have been seasons I plunged myself into music ministry, and then I had seasons where I spent most of my time in a rocking chair nursing my babies.  Balance isn't being everywhere evenly. It's learning what is most  needed from you at that time of your life. What season are you in?
If I can impart anything to you is to learn to be present in that season.  Give it all you have, don't run around like a chicken with your head cut off being everywhere at all times!  You will burn out!

Definitely never neglect your basics as a Christian, mother, sister in Christ.  But perhaps, this is a season where you need to work, start a new ministry, or a season of rest, enjoy it for what it is.  Juggling is managing the season you are in!

Right now  I am in a season of homeschooling my kiddos...to see what that's like click here


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