Almost a Mom Series: Sacrifice vs Comfort

Being almost a mom doesn’t come without sacrifice. This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt through my “Almost a mom” experience.

One of the biggest areas I’ve had to sacrifice is comfort. Although I have lived in Canada for many years now, I still have not and probably will never adapt to Canadian winters. I have self diagnosed myself with severe allergies to snow and weather temperatures below 10 degrees. If I could hibernate all winter I could, but unfortunately adulthood doesn’t allow me to do so and neither do the kids.

I specifically remember a day when I walked into the house and the first thing Miya said to me was “Can we go play outside?” I hesitated to say yes as I tried to find a good reason to say no other than  “it’s cold outside.”  Convinced I would say no Miya had a smile on her face as we bundled up to go to the park.

On our way there, Miya shared with me the big plans she had for us once we got to the park. On her list was making a snowman and rolling the the snow. All I could do was smile and nod as I tried to plot a way out in my head. Once we go to the park, our snowman was unsuccessful and we “unfortunately” (LOL) didn’t roll in the snow, but we did have as snowball fight. In the end it was a rewarding experience because the kids were happy and although I hate to admit it, I actually had a fun.

It would have been more convenient for me to subject the kids to playing inside but I realized if I was going to make replacing their mom on Mondays an easy transition I’d have to make their time with me fun and sometimes that includes doing things that are not necessarily enjoyable for me... like going outside in below 0 degrees weather.

Stepping out of my comfort zone has not only helped in parenting but in my walk with Christ as well. Since becoming a “mom”, I’ve joined a ministry I vowed to never join because I was shy and suffer stage fright. I’m slowly starting to become more of an extrovert by hanging out with people outside of my typical friend circle. I remember Victoria telling me how blessed she feels that I’m there to help her, but really I’m blessed because this experience is helping to mold and shape me into being better Christian and mom in the future. 

I hope you can be inspired to try something outside of your comfort zone this week!

With love,


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