Have you ever watched a team that wins a championship? What are one of the first things they say when 'star players' are interviewed after the game by the Media?
  'It was a team effort' or 'I couldn't have done this without my team'
It couldn't be more true!  To win a game, you need a team effort. It isn't a one man show!
Recently I have had a special burden for my children. I have been burdened with how I can be a better parent.
See my parents did the best they could and taught me many valuable life lessons that I hold on to today. But I wasn't raised the 'typical' or 'traditional' two parent home life style. Fast forward 30 years and 3 kids later, living a very traditional life and I am in a parenting predicament.
How the heck do I be a good mom? How can I live my life in a way that wins my kids to Jesus?  How do I navigate through the sometimes...most times stormy weather's that is mammahood?
In my quest I came across a devotional that gripped my heart.
Familiies need to be teams...not clubs.

Not just places of general acceptance and love...but a place where we have goal, where we have a mission and destiny.  For the Rodney's that consists of pastoring our church and doing the will of God in our city.

I can't say I have ever thought of my family as #teamrodney. Yes, I have always considered us a unit...but team? I was a track runner growing up...I ran solo!  I always hated relay races because it takes one member to screw up the race. Group projects were never my forte...and all the students out there can all shout 'amen'.
Being a team mate has never been my strongest suit but after reading my devotional and observing successful families, I am realizing this little revelation is well....God sent, at least for me. 
So how am I going to initiate #teamrodney

1) Praying for direction on how we can continue to be used as a team in God's kingdom.
2) Talk to my kids about how they are team mates in all we do. Letting them know they are useful and just as valuable to the church as the pastor aka Daddy!
3) Team cheer and handshake...lool yes I am going to rev up the team spirit in the Rodney home with my kiddos.  Hubby might think I am a little nuts...but ehebewhe I chant' 'team Rodney' the kids love it! Lol

 I really wanted to share this as it's been on my heart. I will only know if it worked in another 15-20 years but here's to a bright future!!
Go team Rodney go!!


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