The Gossip Challenge

Happy Monday my fellow readers.
Please excuse my serious neglect to this blog.  It has been a very busy  season.
However, my love for writing has ceased to leave me and my blog continuously screams for me to come grace it with some posts yet again.
Many readers have told me personally  they enjoy my challenges most...soooooo... this month we are taking on a challenge that I think will be life changing for ALL of us.
The Gossip Challenge.
Let's admit it, we have all been guilty of gossip.  Something about gossiping feels so good, enticing and exciting.  Often good christian women like to justify it with intents to 'pray' for someone, asking for 'advice' or just stating the facts.   But the reality is GOSSIP HURTS others.

So here is how the challenge works
1) No speaking negatively about anyone, ever.
2) No listening to people talking negatively about anyone, ever.
3) Counteract all negative  statements with good ones. If someone says something negative, you say something positive about the  matter.
4)Tell everyone  you are close to about the challenge and what you will be doing for the next month, daily.  Accountability will be key in being successful.
5) Pray that during this time God transforms your heart and helps you to love others the way he does.
6) If you really have a situation that needs to be sorted, pray about it first, talk to the person directly, or speak to your pastor/elder.  Not a friend who will indulge in gossip with you.

A good way to determine if it's gossip is to ask yourself:
1) Would  I say this in front of the person this is about?
2) Would I want someone to say this about me?
3) Is God pleased with this conversation?
I hope everyone joins this challenge!
Let's have a gossip free year end!
Let me know in the comments below if you accept the challenge!
Challenge begins today and is till Jan 1st. Though I sincerely hope this challenge will produce the habit of being gossip free ladies!!

Love you all xoxoxox


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