Are you Growing?

A child grows significantly during their first years of life. But once they get to a certain age that rate slows dramatically. 

This got me thinking of our spiritual states. When we first get saved or become Christians we give up this and that. We begin to read our Bibles and change a lot in a relatively short period of time.

Then all of a sudden we just stop...
Our spiritual growth often can become stagnant and when we really take a look at ourselves not much is changing anymore. We are just maintaining...

Think you yourself right now... How much have you grown as a christian in the last year? Month? Week or even compared to yesterday.  Are we better Christians today then we were last week?  Most of us probably can't detect much of a difference.

I know there are seasons and we often have references points and key moments of change...but we should be renewed day by day. We should see our characters, attitudes and behavior becoming more and more Christlike.

So here is my challenge....on a grand scale it's hard to determine how  we are growing...but for 30 days, I want you to write down each day one thing you have done to help yourself grow and change as a Christian. Or how you are a different christian today compared to yesterday.

It could be how you responded to tough situation, it could be some extra time in prayer, a phone call to a struggling Christian to encourage them...but let's for 30 days make it our aim to grow!

Please comment below if you accept the challenge and feel free to share how your progress is going!


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