A love Story....Happy Anniversary!

Us after 5 years, still in love!
Once upon a time in a not so far away land, was a girl.  Her name was Victoria.  She grew up in a broken home obsessed with disney films and one day living a life "happily ever after"  But like in any good story things didn't go according to plan!  Victoria in her teens got involved in things she shouldn't at at 19 years old was a depressed single mom, in hopes that a prince would carry her off her feet but in reality knew it just wouldn't happen!  Although she didn't believe she ever had a chance at an earthly prince, her Heavenly prince had been watching her life very carefully! He had been persuing her and she didn't even know it! He has been dropping hints and even hiding desires deep in her heart that completely contradicted the life she lived but would forshadow the life to come!  Finally after she had had enough of what this life had offer she cried out to Her prince who had been waiting for her for many many years!  That day she asked him to come into her heart and give her a brand new one!  He like any good prince, completely came to her rescue and healed every wound, every hurt and every dissapointment! He picked her up and carried her off into the sunset to embark on their happily ever after! Her Princes name was Jesus Christ.  Now Jesus being the Prince of all princes, had a plan for her life that she couldn't even imagine or comprehend.  He micaulously orchestrated for her to meet her "earthly" prince and have the "ever after" she had been looking for.

It started Just before she gave her life to God.  The Lord had another child that he so desperatly wanted back.  His name was Gary. At this time in his life was backsliden and coming back wasn't necessarily on his to do list!  But He had a plan to bring them both back to Himself.  Gary would meet Victoria.  Although they really had no idea what "their "future would unfold, the Lord planted the thought "this is the kind of man you want to marry" in Victoria heart.  As God has been dealing with Victoria to give her life to him, she did not jeapordize the innocence of her relationship with Gary.  They would go out together but they wouldn't do what Most "wordly dating" couples wuld do!  Eventually Gary caught on that this Girl wasn't "that" type of Girl and invited her to go to church! He didn't realize this invitation would be what would reunite him with his Savior and bring him back on the road to destiny!

Jesus "the matchmaker" in heaven always likes a good plot, so as they both gave their lives to God and began serving together in the church, He thought it was time to "mix" the pot a little!  What seemed like a 1+ 1= 2  equation became a 2-2=0 equation.  It seemed that Gary wanted to  focus on God and his interests in Victoria had subsided!  Crushed Victoria ran to the only real Prince she had ever known!
She has no idea that this next 6 months of her life would be a test that would make or break her Christianity!  Now Victoria would love to say she passed the test with flying colors, but she didnt! In the beginning she failed a bit, bad attitudes set in, confusion and doubt in her real true Prince.  But a conference and a timely word would set her right where she needed to be!  She went to conference and the Pastor spoke these words " Some new converts come to conference and they take off in their christianity or they take off and you never see them again"  At that moment everyone dissapeared and it was just her and her Prince! She was faced with a decision.  She chose to continue riding with her Prince.  But this time it was much different! She didn't care anymore about who she would marry, or being lonely! She truely let Jesus be her "all in all"  And joy unspeakable filled her life! Everything just began to go right!
Everything until her Prince had other plans! He started mixing that pot again!  It started with a phone call! Her caller id read 416801 ####.  She knew that number all to well!  Although she hadn't spoken to Gary in months she answered with a cool calm "Hello, who is this?"  She would repent later. She knew full well who that was!

And the romance began.  Although she had no idea, behind the scenes her earthly prince really did care for her! He really was impressed by her steadfastness and faithfullness! Most women especially a single mom would have back slid by now, but not Victoria.  So he was out to win her heart!  Now Gary is very much like His prince, he likes a good plot and played some "games" if you will! He would persue her and call one week, and not know her name the next!  Victoria began to grow a bit tired of the act, and was content flying solo-just her and God was all she needed!  She would pray against it, and although she knew deep down she really cared for Gary, she refused to bring herself to that place of vulnerability again!  After much back and forth, Gary continued to persue her.  Sending sweet texts, paying for her meals unbeknownst to her and just over all blessing her in every way he could! He asked his Pastor if he could ask her to "court" and was given the green light!

Today would be the day, I will as her to court and we will be married.  Simple as that! Gary is a pretty simple guy!  So he sets out to evening service all ready to ask her to but she is no where to be found.  Victoria is at home, she's sad, someone she looked up to in the church had just informed her they wouldn't be going anymore.  The whole circumstance got her so upset she just stayed home and cried.  The phone rings and its Gary.  Not really in the mood for another "he likes me he likes me not moment" She says hello.  "Why weren't you at church this evening?" . She's a bit taken aback, and startled.  Finally he says "you know why I am so upset you weren't at church? I was going to ask you to court today!"  Victorias jaw dropps, not quite what she had been expecting.  They end the convo and she goes off to pray.  She cries out to her Prince, He knows, He understands.  Had she blown it?  Was this it?

Morning came early and Victoria Day was ironically upon her!  She was awoken to her text message indicator.  As she opens the text it reads, Victoria would you like to cout me? Cout? Whats cout? She thought, but she knew what he meant!  Before she answered it was as if  her  Heavenly prince was smiling at her with the thought "For I know the plans I have for you, to give you a future and a hope."Jer 29:11  She replied "Yes"

That morning she went to church for prayer and there was her new "earthly prince" staring at her with a big smile!  He came to her and brought her to his car to give her a gift. He handed her a rose and said "I bought this rose for you when I first met you and I never had the opportunity to give it to you so I dried it. After we got saved it wasn't appropriate, but I kept it this whole time. Now this is your rose"  He handed her the rose and it was really a "Happy Victoria Day"
5 months later he asked her to marry him and  told her he loved her for the very first time! 7 months later they were Married Victoria Day weekend! 5 years later they are still married and have stepped into the destiny God has orchestrated many many years before they even had a clue!


  1. why am i such a sucker for love stories?!?!?! lol i love hearing how ppl met!! i did not want this to end lol well written Victoria!!
    and i think that is SOO cool that Gary saved that rose!! woow! i cant believe you didnt cry lol thats like a scene out of a movie!

    1. Lol. Ya. Now looking back i. Surprised I didn't cry.either. I think I was taken aback by the whole matter.

  2. What a cute story V! Isn't it funny how God's plans are always on time and better than anything we could map out for ourselve. This is His reward for submitting all and trusting in Him :-)

    1. I know! Who would have thought things would turn out so well!??? Only Jesus could do it! :)

  3. Very sweet story,
    Its important to keep journals as they help us see the forrest from the trees..in retrospect...of course lol

    1. I absolutely love journals for that reason! Do you keep a journal too?

  4. Enjoyed reading your story. Happy Anniversary...may you be blessed with many many more!


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