FALL Resolutions

Fall is here!
Candles, scarves, marshmallow fireside, boots, baked cookies here I come🤗

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while knows it's my favorite  season!

Every fall I set 'fall resolutions'.  This year is no different. Over all, I tend to be a goal setter. My favorite  quote is ' If you aim for nothing you will hit it everytime'.

So without  furher adieu  here are my 2016 Fall Resolutions.

1)6 am Morning Wake up & Routine: My #1 enemy 'Mornings' and I are going to be BFF's!  I used to absolutely  loathe the mornings but unfortunately  if i dont want to be a lazy slob I have to get up and function. Over the years my wake time has varried from super early to super late. This school year I have moved my wake time from 7 am to 6. With the hopes of working out praying and getting some 'me' time before my family gets up!

2) Learning  French: I have been doing french lessons  since the summer started.  According to my app I am 20% fluent in french. My hope is to be 50% by December. Why learn French? Well, I live in Canada where it's our second language  and my kids will be learning  french in school.  I hope  to be useful to them when they have homework.  My motto is 'You can teach an old dog new tricks'.  Though I took french in school, I hardly remember  much outside of verb conjugation 😂.  

3) Thought  Fast: For the remainder of this year I want my thought life to be positive. It's extremely easy to have  negative thoughts  of yourself,others or situations without anyone knowing. Many of us think things we would never dare utter in  public.  I want my thoughts to line up with my actions in all I do. The bible says for 'our minds to be renewed day by day.'  That's truly my hearts cry for this fall.
A great book on the mind is called ' The Battlefield  of the Mind' by Joyce Myer (disclaimer: I am not a big Joyce Myer fan but she really did a tremendous  job with this book.  One of the best books I have read)

Well friends, that sums up my Fall resolutions.   I like to write them in here to keep me accountable. I encourage you  to set some fall resolutions  for yourself.

Happy Thursday  :)


  1. I LOVE your fall resolutions Vee ! This is the best, most cozy time of year and I think what you've set out to do is wonderful. Especially that 6:00 am wake up--I'll join you in that one.

    P.S. I always thinking of you when I pass Bath 7 Body Works and see the marshmallow fireside candle :) I have a caramel apple cake one burning I think you would love


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