Whole Grain Switch Hacks

For some switching  to whole grains is a huge adjustment.  Here are some of favorite  whole grain Hacks!

1)Whole Grain Raisin Bread- This bread is so tasty you will hardly notice it's actually  healthy for you!

2)Whole grain Spaghetti -most whole grain pastas can be very gummy and healthy tasting. However, spaghetti  noodles are thin enough that they absorb  the flavor of your meat sauce,  so you don't really taste that nutty whole grain-ish  flavor.

3)Spelt pasta -this pasta  virtually  tastes  like regular  white starchy pasta....but it's not.

3) Stir-fried brown rice bowl- instead of just having whole grain rice on the side of your meal, fry it in sesame oil with ginger, garlic and a little oyster sauce. This will turn that healthy rice into a savory treat!

4) Sweet Potatoes -when all else fails and you don't know what to eat with your meal...eat a sweet potatoes. I personally love them bakes  smothered in butter and cinnamon! !

Enjoy Week 3 Friends!


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