Lose Weight the LV WAY: Week 2 Veggie & Fruit Snacks

Hello my beautiful  Ladies!
I hope Week One of drinking 'just water' was successful for you!
If,  you are still struggling  to stay away from sweet beverages, I recommend  not moving to the next stage. For this to work, you need to be able to do the previous challenge with ease.
Remember this is about changing habits. No a crash weight loss plan!  Take your time and don't rush it!

Moving on to this week's challenge!

Week 2- Veggie and Fruit Snacks
This week in addition  to water only,  you will replace all your snacks  with veggies or fruits.  Continue to eat whatever you want at meal times. But all 'snacks' should be fruit or vegetables!  Simple enough?

Here are a few questions I was asked this week in regards to the plan
Can I workout?
If you are already and active person than that's fine. However  if not,  I don't recommend  beginning  a work out plan at the beginning  of a change of diet and lifestyle. When we begin to change the way we eat, it already takes a toll on our bodies. We get cranky, irritable  and tired. These feelings can lead to wanting to cheat or give up. Now add working out to that and you are taking an extra  toll on your body. I say one thing at a time.

Should I be watching how much I eat?
At this point nope!  Eat as much as you want. The mind is an amazing  thing. When you feel like you have a bit of freedom in one area, it's much easier to be strict in another. For example: if I can't drink a glass of coke but I know I can have ice cream later...I am more inclined not to drink coke. 
This plan follows the same principle,  you can't have one thing but you can have another. With each level you begin to phase out certain things from your diet  without it feeling like it's a HUGE  sacrifice.

Can I drink coffee?
Absolutely.  Just as long as it's not loaded with calories from sugar. Coffee black or even with a little cream is fine. But if it makes it harder for you to refrain from sugar I would cut it out altogether!

I haven't lost any weight yet?
If you are looking  for a fast easy way to lose weight it doesn't exist. And this is not the plan. This will help you lose weight and quite a bit when we get further into the steps.  However my main goal is to help you change your habits. Change your habits, change your life!
Well ladies. Here is to another week!!


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