He's one and the 'joys' of momlife

I am just over a week late on this post but I just can't believe my little guy is one already!!

With each passing child, time seems to go by quicker and quicker. I have also learned to savor every moment.

With your first child you are constantly awaiting their next milestone. With your last, milestones are much more bitter sweet.

To celebrate our little man's first year of life we threw him a Little Man Bash.  None of which he will remember but definitely something that will be remembered in my heart for years to come.

My son really came into our lives at the right time.  He came after a hard season and before another!  Every day he puts innumerable smiles on our faces.

Today I was having one of those 'aaaahhj motherhood ' moments.  Yes we all have been there. I had heard my name called one too many times, didn't care to change another diaper or be a milk supplying machine.  Evening came and I was spent.  In all honesty I was spent long before bed time today!😭

I decided to take a 5 minute time out before I put my oldest to sleep. She was calling my name through the house and I was 'pretending not to hear' (why they don't call their fathers is beyond me lol)

Finally she found me in our basement. I closed my eyes tight as I lay on the sofa. 'Maybe she will think I am asleep and go find her dad' I hoped. 

Next thing you know I feel her jump on me and begin tickling me. Once again something she would never do to daddy lol.

She said 'momma I want to snuggle you'. And in that moment my 'ugggghh my kids are driving me nuts' feeling disappeared!

It's those moments that keep us from losing our minds as mothers and make parenting worth it. 

Cherish every moment and in the moments you want to pull your hair out remember one day you will miss this!!


  1. OMG He is a DOLL!!!! What a beautiful, honest post Vee. You're a great mama

    1. Aww Carly. Long time no talk! Thanks for stopping by. He really is a sweet heart. Glad you enjoyed the post. Gonna go over to your page and see how your little man is doing 😃


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