7 Year Church Anniversary

This past weekend we celebrated our 7th year anniversary of our church. This exact day 7 years ago, my husband and I were eagerly anticipating what our first service would bring, extremely nervous about doing a song service with the two of us as lead singers!

By the grace of God, 7 years later it would be an extreme rarity for either of us to need to sing on a mic!  We rejoice!

Sunday service we celebrated by having our Pastor come and preach our sunday services!  What an honor that was! The sermons were powerful!  One on saving yourself and your family and the other on miracles(which I totally missed because I was teaching the kids)

Throughout the year I seldom notice the growth and changes that happen in our church. Similar to when a child is growing you don't really see it from the day to day. Anniversarys I really take the opportunity to soak in all the wonderful things God has done in the past year!

A few highlights

The music - This past year our concerts and music have really been exceptional. I love good music and remember praying when it was just my family and I to send us a good song service leader and people with musical talents and abilities. God has more than answers that prayer.

Growth- Our church is growing so much we need to knock down another wall to fit an accommodate everyone. It's exciting to see so many youth on fire and serving Jesus.  Gives me hope for what's to come!

Children's Ministry- Our kids ministry was pretty basic for the past few years. With kids ranging over such a wide span, we just threw everyone in one room and hoped for the best. As our church grows, as does our children's ministry. Now we have a PHNY kids class as well as a separate nursery. It has warmed my heart to see the teachers really putting effort in to making the lessons unique and exciting for the children.

I really could go and and on about all God has done in our church in the last year.  I real am blessed to be able to serve along side such amazing people. I honestly think I have THE BEST church in the world.  And maybe I am a bit biased. Ha-ha. Just like how every mother thinks their child is the most beautiful child they have ever laid eyes on. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve God in this capacity and to have had the opportunity to meet and impact such amazing people!

Here's to another great year PHNY!!


  1. Congrats! What a wonderful accomplishment and opportunity to do the greatest thing you can do in the world- build God's kingdom. Cheers to more fruitful years ;)


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