Wifey Mantra

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This post is mostly for my wifey readers. However anyone can benefit from the principal's taught here.

I have always strived to be a good wife and mother.  This past December I cam e across this little piece.  It became my prayer, mantra, goal for 2016.

I read it daily as a friendly reminder of the woman that I want to be!  Hope you all enjoy!

A godly, feminine woman doesn’t argue.  She doesn’t have to.  She doesn’t raise her voice. She says what she wants and how she feels plainly without manipulation, control or guilt.  She accepts her man’s answers graciously.  She speaks calmly, slowly, quietly… and when she has something MORE important to say – she may even just whisper it.  She has self-control, peace, grace, poise and confidence.  She knows her power and how to use it.  And she knows there is no power in trying to battle against a man.


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