21 Item Toss/Minimalistic Living

This year one of my top 30 goals is to live minimalistic and clutter free. When I moved in February, I went through all my belongings with a fine tooth comb, weeding out items that I didn't use or need. 

After my deep purge, I felt a sense of relief and basically like my goal had been accomplished. What I didn't take into consideration with living minimally and clutter free, is that 'stuff' is a magnet to our homes.  On a weekly basis  I am amazed, how much junk makes its way into my clutter free oasis.

Recently, I saw a video on the 21 item toss and quickly accepted the challenge.  All you do is get a black garbage bag and set your timer for 5 minutes.  Quickly go through you home and throw away 21 items as fast as you can. The timer really helps prevent you from talking yourself into keeping things that you were first inclined to throw out. 

Admist my 21 items were:
1) empty shoe boxes
2) a purse I haven't worn for 3 years
3) an old disfigured hat
4) empty skincare products
5) frames I no longer use
6) cleaning products I no longer use

It blew my mind in two short months_ I was able to gather a full garbage bag worth of items and I am not a pack rat or hoarder by nature. 

This year I really have set out to be content with what I have and live with less.
From my wardrobe to home decor I am keeping it minimal.

So I challenge you this week to do the 21  item bag toss!! Let me know what crazy items you decided to get rid of!!

Happy Wednesday!


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