Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Oh I am so thankful it's spring.  If you have followed me on here for any number of time, you know I am a "fall" kinda gal. I digress.  This year I am having a fling with SPRING!

I can't say it's because I find it beautiful, or love the food or smells like autumn brings. But it does ring in hope, promise and new life!

2016 I started off with a loooonnnnnnggggg list of aspirations, goals and to do's for 2016.  What's even more amazing, is that I have been actually sticking to them!  I hope you are all doing well with your new years resolutions!! Even if you haven't started, or it's been a complete fail...it's never too late to make changes!
Top 30 goals...go skiing...check

Spend more one on one time with my daughter...check

Being more organized by use of a planner...half check...it starts in April

Being an extroverted introvert...check...not shying away from social gatherings

One of my March Break traditions is the notorious 'Spring Clean'. Fortunately, I just moved into a brand new home a little over a month ago, so traditional spring cleaning session is NOT on the menu this year. It did however get me thinking of my spiritual state and areas in my personal  life that could use a little "dusting".

We all have spiritual junk, clutter and debris in our lives that needs to be thrown out.  Shows we watch, social media addictions, gossip we listen and engage in, bitter attitudes, qualms with others and the list goes on and on.  I for one am no exception. If my home needs a deep cleaning every spring...my spiritual life and state MUST need one too(to be frank...it needs a deep cleaning a lot more than yearly...but then there goes my blog post title...and we just can't have that can we?)

When I think of Spring Cleaning a few things come to mind:

1) De-clutter- Before I begin any big cleaning project, I like to get rid of things I don't need, don't use or aren't necessary anymore.  For my spiritual spring clean I will be decluttering my life, eliminating activities, and items that aren't beneficial for my Christianity.  One thing I will be cutting down to a bare minimum is my internet time.  So much time can be wasted on the good ol' world wide web.

2) Throw out all JUNK-It would only make sense that after one declutters to actually get rid of it.  Not keep it in the basement, garage...or shoved in a closet somewhere.   For my personal life this means maybe keeping my laptop out of site the majority of the day. For others it may be deactivating some social media accounts, cutting off some bad relationships...you know what needs to be thrown out!

3) Clean-There was a time I used to hate cleaning.  Maybe it's the new home, maybe it's the old age...but as of late, cleaning and I ...we're friends! This is the best part of the whole spring clean hooplah!  Making things fresh and new again.  As Christians we are all new creations, old things pass a way and all things become new. Thanks be to the Blood of Jesus that cleanses us of all unrighteousness and gives us a fresh start.

4) Re-arrange.  After cleaning this is my second favorite part of the Spring Cleaning process.  It's a time to put things in a new place.  Spruce things up, go for a new look, and try something different.  For our spiritual spring cleaning this can mean any number of things.  New bible reading plans, new studies, personal witnessing challenges...and the list goes on and on.  The world is your oyster....fill your life with more of Christ, now that you have thrown out and repented of all the drama that was cluttering up your life before!

I hope you spend your March Break not only Spring Cleaning your homes...but Spring Cleaning your souls!

Much love


  1. I believe I'm at number 2, I've de-cluttered and now it's time for me to throw out all the junk!
    Great post, keep at those resolutions!

  2. I've spent this year "De-cluttering". Calming down on going out and on my phone/internet. I've been spending more time reading books, writing and spending time with God. It's been great this year!
    Love this post!

    1. Awesome to hear this Jess. It's refreshing


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