A Very Happy New Year

Happy 2016 Friends!

I know I am 20 some odd days late...but better late than never right?
I wanted to start posting again when I had my life a little bit settled and organized, but that's taking a wee bit longer than planned, so here I am! Unsettled and disorganized! Haha!
My 2016 has definitely been off to a bumpy start.  Especially after I put so much thought and planing into it. But hey, when life throws you lemons...make lemonade right? Life is never seamless!

Most new years & fall, I like to make resolutions.  I am very big on goal setting and planning.  My mantra is 'if you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time'.  Wisest words I ever heard...

So with a new year upon us, I have set out 30 resolution type things for the year!  I know... 30 is A LOT of resolutions, but it's more a mix of resolutions and things I want to do this year!  Why 30? Well guess who's turning the flirty 30 this year ?:)

I am known for keeping my resolutions and I think one thing that helps me tremendously is this blog for accountability, or just telling people what I am doing!  I won't bore you with all 30 of my Resolutions, but here are few!  If you haven't set any goals for this year I encourage you to write them in the comments below! Or tell a few friends to hold you to your word!  Failed resolutions are a thing of the past! Let your 2016 be different!

A few of My 30 Resolutions

- 5 minute daily cuddle with Hubby(oh gosh so mushy, but I am not a cuddly person and I think its important to connect with your spouse daily)

-Develop & stick to a daily routine(oh do i loathe repetition, but for the past few weeks the ability to have a routine was taken away from me, and I realize i don't loathe routine so much anymore...i CRAVE IT)

-NO POP for 1 year...specifically ginger ale and ccccc....coke!(:/ there I said it, it's time to 'let it go' like the song)

-GO skiing

-Print pictures(yup bringing back the old school way of doing things, albums shouldn't be on phones)

-Be an extroverted introvert( if that makes any sense, but though I am a bonified "intovertess", I am forcing myself to step outside of myself and reach out and be more extroverted)

-Bible memory(I did this a few years ago and loved it, it's time to bring it back)

Well these are just a few of my TOP 30 for 30 years of age!  Here's to an exciting new year, filled with  much change and goodness!



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