Organizing made Pretty for 2016

Ever heard the saying "start off the new year right?"
Well that's exactly how I plan on starting my 2016. 

Over the next few weeks I am going to get ready for the new year and take you along for the ride!

A pantry cupboard idea
Total cost $15
First things start off the year I need to have everything organized and in order!  And I mean EVERYTHING! Do you have spaces in your home that just make you cringe?  Drawers you close as fast as you opened them?  Cupboards that require you to wear a hard hat in the event something falls out?  Closets that are so packed that you swear Narnia awaits behind them?

Disorganization, clutter and mess get the best of are some ways I keep organization fun, easy and cheap!

1) Start with one space at a time: You may finish reading this post and feel like you can conquer every disorganized cluttered mountain in your home...but I must emphasize this is not a sprint. Organization can be time consuming and can lead you to want to quit sooner than you started.  So tackled one small space.  I like to choose spaces like, under bathroom sinks, underwear drawers, linen closet, pantry.  Set aside and hour or more depending on your space to get the job done.

2) Make it pretty!  If your newly organized space looks pretty, chances are you will want to upkeep it. This is actually a secret of mine for making my bed.  (invest in really pretty bed sheets, you will always want to make your bed just to look at it...true story) Same goes for your small spaces. I know your probably thinking " no one even sees under your bathroom sink or underwear drawer?'  But YOU do!  And if it looks beautiful, it will make you feel beautiful!

3) Baskets, Labels & The Dollar store:  I am a avid basket collector.  In my home I probably own...hold on I am going to count! Ok.... the lucky number is 75 baskets/storage containers and counting. If you look in any of my small spaces, you will see I keep things organized with the use of baskets, labels and my favorite place to buy them ...THE DOLLAR STORE.  Pick a color scheme and have at it!  For less than $20 you can have a completely organized, pretty new space.

4)De-clutter, De-oderize and Decorare:  This is the fun part.  Empty whichever space your working with.  Throw out MOST of the junk in there. If you haven't used it in 3 months...its time to go!  Clean the area so it smells nice and fresh! Redecorate your space, with your new baskets, labels!  Take a pic, pin it!   Give yourself a PAT on the back!

One space down...a few more to go!
Once you make one space look good, it becomes ADDICTING!
Do make sure that your space is organized functionally first.  It makes no sense for it to 'look nice' and be completely unuseful.  If it makes sense and has a system, you will be more likely to keep it up!


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