Lady Vee Life Hacks

Have you ever thought to yourself 'there must be an easier day to do this?'

I know think this on a regular basis!  Having family is busy enough so I have sought ways to make my life easier!  Hope they help you as much as they have me!!

1) Sweep No More: I can sweep my kitchen numerous times a day and it gets ANNOYING!  Recently my husband bought a handheld vaccuum that we charge in the kitchen. I started using that to vaccuming up quick spills and crumbs instead of breaking out the broom!

2) Smell No More: Compost stinks?  Keep it in your freezer!  Garbage Smell? Sprinkle baking soda in each bag when you change them.  Wet dirty rags Smell? Have a small bucket under your sink filled with half vinegar and half water.  Add wet rags or cloths in there in between wash days.  On wash days dump it all in the wash!

3) Germs No More: Microwave all sponges  for 30 seconds after use to disinfect!

4) Spend No More: Buy snacks and meat in bulk and then separate them in zip lock bags.  I love doing this with my kids school snacks and my meats from Costco.   Food stays fresh and lasts much longer.

5) Scum No More:  Fill a spray bottle with part water and part vinegar or buy a bathroom tile spray and store in your shower, spray on tiles after each shower and eliminate soap scum for good!!


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