Where's God?

This season has been a very hard one for me for so many reasons. I have wanted to write in my blog, but haven't had much encouraging or inspirational things to say.  So with that I have refrained.

Today I decided to bite the bullet and write a post. The reality is, my life isn't always filled with inspirational stories and moments. Life gets hard for this dear PW...and this season has been no exception!!

Not only has it been tough in my personal life, those I love are going through it too.  Just a hard season all around. It's so easy to look to the heavens and wonder 'where is God?'. As cliche as it sounds...it's real.

As much as we know He's there, silently, still, by our sides. He feels gone, transparent, intangible, distant.
Some people say when life gets tough it's when they feel God the closest to them. The bible says 'he is close to the broken hearted and saved those crushed in spirit'.

He is there whether we believe it or not. 

Many times my children have fallen and hurt themselves...my instinct was to run to their sides and make it all better.  But then there were times I stood back, I let them stand up and dust themselves off.  Why? Because I wanted to teach them to be strong, to know they indeed could make it without Mommy coming to the rescue. Even though I was there physically and could sweep them up in my arms any moment, I wasn't going to.

Maybe that's why sometimes we don't feel God when we go through hard situations. We know he's there...but he's not rushing in to cover our 'boo boo's'.

How I hated that until I realized the strength, and the gift God has given me in 'not' fixing all my problems right away.
I take comfort knowing he's watching and won't let me fall, but He has confidence we can get through the battles thrown at us!

The other day I was leaning over to get the laundry out of my sons hamper. I stood up very quickly and just missed a pointy object. One inch in the wrong direction I would have literally poked my eye out. Immediately I thought that was God protecting me even when I didn't know it.  Protecting me from danger and harm.  How many things in my life has God protected me from...and yet I cry and mope at the things he doesn't?

I notice the unanswered prayers instead of the answers to millions of prayers I never prayed for. 

As Gods children know God is always in your corner and by your side!  You can make it through any and every situation!


  1. Wow I've never seen it that way. Thanks Lady Vee


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