Wow... Being a mom is something else.

Some days ( most) I love it. I am enamoured by the sweetness of my children. I wish I had more.  I miss pregnancy. Motherhood makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

And then there are those other days. The days you want to give your Kiddo's to the nearest babysitter in town. 

Children of all ages can be such a blessing but stressfull. A friend of ours was telling me he wanted 7 kids.  I told him that children can really change things.  They can change your body, your time, your sanity. 

As cute as a baby is the constant crying and need for attention not to mention sleep deprivation can drive you to drink....water ofcourse lol

The incessant questions and curiosity of a preschooler or adolescent can drive you nuts and make you want to lock yourself in a quiet room somewhere child free.

And the attitudes, mischief and drama of a pre teen/teenager....well that's enough to send you to heaven early or beg for an early rapture for one!

I have been a mom for 11 years. Just over a third of my life has been dedicated to changing diapers, nursing, solving problems, and disciplining kiddos.

Being a mom has taken up my entire adult life.  I know nothing of adulthood apart from momlife.

At church the other day I was using my foot to rock my son, collecting all the bags, listening to what my daughter learned in little lambs all while trying to talk to a brother from church about a ministry. He stopped and said ' wow your a mom eh'. Well duhhhh?? 

As mommas we really wear so many hats. We are stretched too and fro both physically and mentally. And then we gotta be wives, friends, sisters and human beings.  For heaven sakes give a sister a break!!??

Often we get little credit and our children can break our hearts but we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat...because that's # momlife.

I was filling out an application the other day and it asked for my occupation. I put home maker and the person collecting my application looked up and smiled ' home maker? The most important job in the world'.

Yup...I think so!


  1. OMG he is ADORABLE!!! I want to eat those cheeks. You guys make some cute babies ;)

    "They can change your body, your time, your sanity." Um...YES! We are finding this out. But like you said children are amazing and gifts but it is still a challenge. Great post, Vee.


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