Last Picked

We all hated to be the last kid picked for a game growing up. Or perhaps feared not being apart of the 'cool' crowd in school. Maybe you weren't the 'golden' child like your older or younger sibling.

We have all faced our share of rejection over our lifetimes, but for some it becomes who they are. It engrains itself deep into their personality and is sensed in all they do.

Have you ever known someone that just bothers you?  Not like the regular annoyance, but the moment they call or message you, something in you makes you want to reject them? They seem clingy or always vying for your attention and after spending time with them you feel physically and mentally drained?

These people often have a spirit of rejection. Now I only learned about this probably shortly after becoming a christian. But when I learned about it, a light went off. I could easily detect it and it became my label for everything.

But rejection is a serious issue. Though we all have faced it, for some it is a real struggle.  How do we overcome our own personal rejection issues? How do we help those facing these issues? It's challenging to deal with your own issues, not to mention someone else's.

From personal experience, though I don't struggle maybe with the spirit of rejection, I was rejected as a child quite a bit. I think what has helped me overcome these issues is all in how it's processed. 

When someone rejects you or has rejected you, do you process it as a BIG deal. Does it become the center of your thoughts and focus?  For myself, a lot of my child hood experiences and even some adult experiences I have just dismissed. Chalk to up to no big deal, life goes on.  I truly believe Jesus Christ has helped me form this attitude.

When I meet people with the spirit of rejection, I often want to run the opposite direction.  Not that I don't want to help. I just don't know how to help. It's important not to do is feed it.
When they begin to take a pity party or trip down insecurity lane, stop them. Point out to them how their mind set is wrong, so they can see how it is affecting their relationships with others. Often those who suffer with rejection don't even know.  So when they text you a million times in a day, or harp on their insecurities kindly point it out and change the subject.

I really feel for those suffering from rejection and know only Jesus Christ can bring full healing. But if you struggle from rejection or know someone who does, know that there is help at the cross and you can be an over comer. Your past hurts and experiences do not have to define who you are!!

Though you have been rejected by people you are ultimately accepted by Jesus Christ!


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