Prayer Challenge!

Last night my husband preached an awesome sermon about watching and praying during the night. He challenged the congregation to repent of prayerlessness and encouraged us to pray more often.

I have always been one who loves a challenge. Especially spiritual ones. I have done long fasts, read my Bible in 7 months, memorized new testament chapter topics among other things. So this was an exciting challenge for me. And one that a new mom probably can do a lot easier than anyone else.  We are already up at nights anyhow.

So today I challenged myself to pray every time I wake up to feed my son at night and contend for our city, my family and personal needs in my life.

Christianity should always be something we are growing in. Growing in the area of prayer, reading and our relationships with God. Sometimes the usual routine gets old and stale.

How refreshing it was the idea of waking up in the midnight hours and praying each night. Some of you are probably thinking getting up at 2 am to pray is anything but refreshing, but I want to share a story with you.  I heard this story when I first became a Christian and I never forgot it.

A preacher of the gospel went to China to preach. He was scheduled to preach like 20+ sermons in a two or three day period. After a very long flight, with little to no sleep and severe jetlag, he got right to preaching.  No nap, no break. Back to back sermons he preached.  His body began to wear out and he felt very sleepy. He was given a 20 minute break. He went into a quiet room desperate to close his eyes and get some rest.  No sooner did her lay his head down did a still small voice say 'pray'. Pray??  At a time like this...he needed all the rest he could get as he didn't know when his next break would be. Surely God had to be joking...pray?
But the still small voice boomed loudly in the quiet room. After a few moments of resistance he proceeded to pray.

At the end of his 20 minute prayer he got up feeling like he has just slept for 8 plus hours. He felt refreshed, energized and ready to preach once more.

That story always inspired me. There is a scripture that says  'man can't live by bread alone'. There is a very spiritual element to our lives.  Our lack of sleep from prayer can be made up for. Do you trust God with your lack of sleep in exchange for prayer?

Being a mother of a new born baby I am willing to trust God in this REST is much needed for  me right about now! Lol

I encourage you to take this week to wake up and the late night hours and pray!

Happy Thursday!!


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