Celebrating 8 Years of Marriage

Today I celebrate 8 years of marriage with the love of my life! I can't believe how quickly time has passed.  I must say with each passing year it has gotten better and better!  I look forward to the years to come!
I am  blessed to be able to call this man my husband!  It's a privilege and honor!  He has stood by my side in sickness and in health!  Through good times and bad!  He has been the greatest encouragement and supporter! Ok enough of the mushies! LOL


  1. Wow! Has it been 8 years already?! What fruitful years you two have had already, may the years to come be even more blessed and fruitful:)
    PS. Love that last pic of you guys!

    1. Thanks!:) Time has truly flown. That's gonna be u guys soon too! I will come before u know it!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I saw your comment on another blog and decided to come on over and say hi. It looks like you and your hubby had a wonderful celebration. Next month, we'll be celebrating our anniversary, too. I'm really glad I stopped by because I truly enjoyed the visit. I love 'meeting' new blogging friends. I hope you have a wonderful day... :)

    1. Hpw any years will you be celebrating. Crazy how fast time passes!
      So happy to have a new blog Friend!
      Chat soon! :)


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