Not a Wednesday Fan

I found this post in my archives.  I never got around to posting it...but wanted to share anyhow.  Also I have to admit not working anymore has completely eliminated my not a Wednesday fan stress!  Now I love em!

A few confessions from a pastors wife:

I am not a fan of Wednesdays! Phewf! I said it!

Wednesdays we have mid week service at our church.  Which is an awesome thing... But just ends up feeling a bit overwhelming evening for me!

I come home from work around 6:15- 6:30.  Prayer starts at 6:30.  I have two girls that of course are starving and in need of more than a snack once they get in.  And then there are possibly hubbies clothes to iron if he is still working on his sermon.

Then we have to get ready for church...and we have me and my preggo self searching through my closet to find modest clothing that don't look tight.  I finally find the same sweater dress I wore the week before...and come straggling into church at about 7:15.  Barely having time to utter a half decent prayer.

Before I know it, I am getting a tap reminding me to be on stage to play for worship service.  On the way people want to chat and ask  me questions  or tell me about their day. 

But I just want to sit in absolute silence and think about nothing.  At this point I am so exhausted that I am sleeping with my eyes open...playing songs in auto pilot.  Lucky for me I can play piano with my eyes closed...a quick eyelid rest will do.

Then meet and greet time...shaking hands...hugging....all just much to much for my introverted, tired, mid week self.  I stay close to the outskirts of the room, say a few hellos and quickly escape back on stage to play bass for offering. 

At this point I am finally awake and ready to hear the sermon.  But that surge of energy only lasts so long.  By the end of the message, we bow our heads and I pray the back up piano player wants to play for alter call.  I just need to catch a few more moments of shut eye before the after service rush.

'In Jesus name... Amen'.  A brother closes in prayer and I wonder when will I get home?  By the time we do get home I need to make the girls lunches, get them settled for bed and school in the am.

At  this point I wish I had just stayed home! Anyone been there?  I know this sounds terrible for a PW to admit...but I have to keep it real. 

I am also not a person that thrives on busy schedules...I get tired in advance if I know my week will be busy.  So Wednesday church rushes do not cause my heart to skip a beat in excitement.

Needless to is Wednesday. I sit at work dreading the next few hours.  Today I was smart enough to take out my clothes before I left (no sweater dress today). Hope that makes things just a touch easier :)

I would never trade it for anything though... As the christian life is a sacrifice... Just doesn't mean I always enjoy :)


  1. I hear you sister on the Wednesdays! Lol
    I finish work at 4:15pm and have to rush right out the door to be in Rexdale for 5pm outreach. I'm on my feet pushing a stroller outreaching for at least 2-2.5 hours (not the most fun being 7 months pregnant! Lol), then race home and rush to get dinner on the table before 9pm. Then there is clean up after, Nya's bedtime routine (which is now an hour behind schedule) and then house cleaning and preparing for daycare the next AM. Phewfh!!! Lol
    I can totally relate to the craziness and mad rush of Wednesdays. Lol
    The crazy life of a Pastor's wife!! Ha ha
    It's definitely a crazy one, but a very rewarding and rich one :)

    1. I think its a general consensus among us pastors wives. My other PW friend read the post and messaged me she feels the same too! To think soon I will be doing this with three kiddos... Haha Gods got s sense of humor!!

  2. I relate! Getting 11 kids and myself ready is not an easy task.

    1. Oh my goodness what am I complaining about?? 11 kids? You are my new hero! Lol


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