Mirror mirror on the Wall!

We all do it.  Stand in front of our mirrors and do the mental critique of our bodies from head to toe.

Nails... Check

    As women, we are on endless pursuits to stay young looking, slim, trim and as beautiful as we possibly can! Who can blame us with the media pushing these gorgeous (fake)chicks down our throats?  And as easy as it is to say...don't worry how you look...just do you boo....it's easier said than done. 

   Why? Because that gosh darn mirror is everywhere... And if worst comes to worst we have forward facing cameras on our phones for those mirror deprived environments. So instead of a post on how to stop caring about all those things(been there, wrote about that)...here's some practical tips to looking the fairest of them all! (Had to tie the line in somewhere...being my title is Mirror mirror on the wall! Lol)

Insecurity #1-Weight-too thin or too heavy
Solution- Sugar free diet...which can be read about at my blog here... But sometimes that's just too extreme and too tough... Then what?  Well you start small.  If you are over weight take it one day at a time.  Cut out things slowly. Over a week or two.  Work out for 5 minutes each day...then 10 minutes.
For all the thin gals who can't put on a pound (we all hate you BTW) it's all in how you dress.  Wear clothing that fits your body.  A nice pencil skirt with a ruffled dress shirt tucked in can make you appeared well shaped, hides the bones but doesn't look like your swimming in your clothing.  Wear lighter colors and patterns.  Blazers are also helpful for the petites out there.

Insecurity # 2-Aging
Solution- if you have a very sunken in, thin face you may want to gain some weight. The thinner you are the older you look. True story! I notice since being pregnant I actually look younger :D
Use a good overnight cream and drink plenty of water. The face begins to crack because it's dry.  The older you get the dryer your skin gets.  Skip on powder or foundations that have a powder finish. You want a dewy finish to give you a youthful glow :D

Insecurity # 3-The Hair
And all my colored sisters said 'amen'. Lol Hair issues really aren't limited to 'black girls' I just know the struggles real!  Haha
But hair that's too thin, limp, overly thick, frizzy, won't grow long enough are all issues women face across the races.
Solution- first of all you have to work with what you have and accept it.  You can't change the texture of your hair but you can change the quality.  For years I had breaking, thin, annoying hair.  I set out to take really good care of my hair and while it's still on the thin side, the quality is way nicer.  It's way longer, even, healthy and my curls are more defined.
But this wasn't easy to come by

Some tips to having great hair regardless of culture
1) stop dying your hair...dye damages all hair types. Some can withstand it more than others but if you have stressed locks its time to go au natural

2) Minimal to no heat...hard times I know!
But I after 6 months you will thank me.  There are many heat free styles out there... YouTube and pinterest will help you!

3)Find your 'go to style'. A style that has minimal manipulation but still makes you feel pretty. When all else fails with hair go to that style.  For me, my go to hair style is all down and curly with a head band or slicked back in a roped pony tail.

Insecurity #3-Body Shape
Not all of us have figures like Jlo, Beyonce or Halle Berry. The reality is if you don't got it ,you don't got it.  If your booty is flat as a pancake 500 squats aren't gonna do much for you.  You can't make your hips bigger or smaller...they are bones lol(well pregnancy does widen your hips a little, but thats not really an option for everyone lol).  So you have to learn to dress for your body

Solution- learn what body type you are and look for clothing that suits that.  If you are self conscious about having big boobs a tiny graphic tee might not be your best clothing option.  Take the time to sift through your wardrobe and throw away clothes that make you feel ugly.
Google is your best friend...you are not the only person in the world with your particular body type.  Play up your best features.  I have seen people that maybe aren't the best looking nor do they have the best bodies but they have rocking wardrobes... It completely distracts you from all the other things.

While these tips can only get you so far, beauty is only skin deep.  Remember smiling makes you look younger.  Having a cheerful happy disposition makes you look for attractive.  When you aren't smiling your face should still be relaxed and pleasant. Don't allow your lips to naturally frown or frow your eyebrows.  Being a woman is tough stuff...but if we implement a few of these things into our lives we will feel hotter than celebrities.

When I was younger I felt very insecure and that was my so called 'prime'.  But it's because I didn't know how to dress, how to do my hair or how to play up my best features. Now that I am older I think and feel way better than I did 10 years ago...and I am  almost 7 months pregnant with bad eczema. Lol go figure. Hahah

At the end of the day confidence is key. If you don't have it you will just have to fake it till you do.  Hold that head high and know you are fearfully and wonderfully made! I hate to end with this cliche but at the end of the day it's INSIDE that really counts:)


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