Heal my Deepest Need!

A couple weeks back I was reading one of my devotional reading plans.  It was all about healing, which for me is a HUGE topic of study as I suffer from pretty bad eczema.

One of the devotionals began to discuss that physical healing isn't always the healing we need to be praying for.  That we can be wounded in other ways and don't even know that could be affecting our lives greatly. The devotional greatly inspired me and caused me to switch my prayer request from constant "heal my skin" do "Jesus please heal my greatest need" whatever that may be.

As I began to pray this prayer a variety of other needs more pressing than my skin issues began to fill my mind.  Things that I didn't even realize were greater needs for me to be healed from than my skin.
Now I don't always believe every sickness is linked to some sort of spiritual curse...at the end of the day we live in a fallen world with fallen sinful bodies...we can't really expect perfection.

However I  have bound and rebuked every possible curse to mankind over my body...prayed countless prayers and never got one drop of healing to my skin.  But since I began to pray this prayer of "healing my deepest need" my skin issues seem to be non-existant.  Albeit they are still there and as bad as usual but my perspective has changed making my physical ailments much more cope-able.

I do pray that one day I do experience physical healing, but firstly I want Jesus to heal me of what I need healing from the most! :D

Whats your deepest need? I encourage you to ask God what you need healing from!


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