God will Build His Church!

When we first started our church, it was perfect for my husband and I.  Just the right amount of people.  Just what we needed at that particular season  of our church and ministry.

I recall praying earnestly for the church to grow grow grow! The Good Lord silently whispered to me 'Are you ready for the church to grow Victoria?'  Ready? The reality of what I was asking hit me and in panic I  answered 'no' and continued to work with what we had. Maybe I wasn't ready.

Each time I prayed for growth from that moment on, I really thought about what I was asking for!  What church growth was going to require from me, my family and husband. 

There is a price tag that comes with church growth.  As our church has grown...so have I.
My attitudes towards people, ministry and even my marriage have all grown and changed for the better.  Not saying when I first started I was this sinister person... Nor am I claiming to have arrived...but I take much peace in the fact of knowing God gives nothing before its appointed time.

He knows exactly what he's doing as he builds the church!  I have been hoping for us to reach 100 people for about 2 years...and wondered why it was taking so long?
Now that we are around that amount, I can see what having a church of 100 can entail! It possibly could have redirected me right back to my mother church in stress, had that happened happened too early in our ministry.

With every precious member added to our congregations attacks have come against our life and family.  There is a spiritual attack as the church grows. Particularly against the dear PW.  My health, safety and peace of mind have all been attacked and tested over the years, in ways I would have NEVER imagined.  Each year that passes I must admit the trials grow harder... had I encountered them from the jump, I may have just jumped off a balcony! 

But with each year, I have grown and been able to with stand the attacks from the enemy.  Instead of them being instruments to crush me and cause the church's revival to fall, they have made me stronger and continued to allow revival to be facilitated.

I don't share this to brag on my strength.  I am not very strong at all. But it's a testimony of how God works in us and makes strengths out of our weakness. Have you ever read about martyrs or other christian hero's from the bible and thought "wow they are just so amazing, I could never be like them?'  Well guess what...yes you can! They aren't special at all...it's the God they serve that's special and has allowed them to be victorious and live such inspirational lives!

So any pastors wife out there that is struggling over the size of her church...the growth of the church or the people...know God has it in control.  Be thankful for the stage...ask God what he wants to teach you during this season of your life!?
Even when it seems like the church isn't growing... You are :)  You will look back and be thankful that it's God who builds his church...not us :D
Us in our new side of the building! God is doing great things!


  1. Excellent encouragement, thank you !


    1. :D we are all in this together!!
      Happy Good friday!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by! :)
      I often write just to encourage myself. Haha!

    2. Are you guys sent out of Pastor Webb's church? We're pioneering in California out of Pastor Scribner's church. Part of the fellowship.

    3. Yes we are! We have been pioneering in Toronto Canada for 6 years now. How excitog to have another fellowship pastors wife stop by!
      How long have you been out??

    4. We took over our church twelve years ago, but there wasn't anyone left when we got here. The church we took over was originally sent out of Tucson, Pastor Warner's church (who is also our Pastor's Pastor). I'm always excited when I stumble on a PW's blog from our fellowship.

    5. I am happy you stumbled by! I really prayed my blog could reach other pastors wives, especially in the fellowship. I don't know many blogs of other pw's in our fellowship. Was thinking I was a lone ranger! Haha! I see your blogger name is pink slippers but what's your name? I would love to add you and your family to our prayer list :)


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