Christian Lies

3 of the most common lies told by Christians in church:

Nice to see you...
I'm good...
I'll be praying for you...

When I first heard this in a stand up  comedy act,  I laughed and laughed.  Sadly I think we have all told one or all of these little lies...intentionally or not in church.  The one that struck the strongest chord with me was "I'll be praying for you".

One of my favorite quotes states "the kindest thing you could ever do for me is pray for me"
So to think that the majority of Christians take praying for others lightly is very sad to me.

When I first became a christian I would go over to this couples house for "Intercessory Prayer" on Thursday nights.  A group of us would get together and lift up the needs of people and our church.  It always left an impression on my heart and inspired me to be an intercessory prayer warrior.  I wanted to be that person that people knew would pray for them should they ask.  I wanted to see God move on behalf of my prayers.

I recently got the revelation that God created us  to carry each others burdens not our own.  There are things I have prayed for myself for, for what seems like forever with no response...but my prayers for others always seem to be fruitful!

On the contrary, there have  been dark times in my life where my prayer life was next to nothing...yet I still had peace, joy and somehow was able to get through.  Those times I know I was being lifted by someone else's prayers...not my own!

I challenge you this week to let 90% of your prayer list be about others.  When people express needs to you immediately write them  down in your prayer journals.  I have an prayer app on my phone and the second I say "I'll pray for you" I go to that app and add the prayer so I don't forget.  I even make a point of looking for things to pray for people for.

Praying for others is a powerful experience as well as a rich one.  I pray for people I don't even know, and even people that wouldn't even think I am praying for them.  When I see them blessed it puts a smile on my face knowing my prayers had a small part to play in that!

If we are going to be telling any 'christian lies...let it not be I'll pray for you! Lets really pray for one another!!

I dedicate this post to The Ogungi Family.  Who inspired me to pray and believe God for people as a new Christian.  10 years later they are still the most prayerful people I know!!


  1. Love this post! I'll definitely make it a habit to make prayer life more about others!

    1. Thanks!! It def something we can all challenge ourselves to! Thanks for stopping by and I will be praying for you!! (Wink no for real) xoxo


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