The withered plant lives....

Being a PW I have to listen to my husband preach all the time. My 'pastor' is my husband...
 and at times it can be a sort of conflict of interest.

Gary is a phenomenal preacher and amazing pastor, but at the end if the day he is still my husband! Therefore him ministering to me is probably just a little more challenging than a pastor I am not related to.

However sunday he preached a sermon that really hit home for me. It was about having true joy and happiness.  Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the wrongs of life and lose the victory. 

I found my Christian life feeling a bit religious and 'common'. I really didn't know how to shake it.  I have been suffering from one eczema flare up after another and just felt really down in the dumps.
I am so thankful God doesn't leave us on our own to fight our battles. And will even use our Pastor husband to minister to us if needed.

The day after the sermon I noticed this dead plant in my kitchen, sprouting new buds.  I was given this plant if memory serves me correctly before Christmas.  I have never EVER been able to keep a house plant alive.  And truthfully this one was just barely making it.  The plant reminded me of myself. Dry, withered and crusty.  But after hearing that sermon I felt like i could do this.  I could continue the battle.  Gods living word sprouted new hope, new 'buds' so to speak within my soul! 

Usually I would have thrown away the plant at first sign of degeneration, but I kept watering it.  Pruning away the leaves and had hope that maybe one day it would come back to life.  Isn't that how God treats us?  Even when we a spiritually dry and withered he continues to feed us with his word until we bear fruit once again!  

These two little flowers on my plant give me hope of the victories to come and the wonderful season of fruitfulness and joy that awaits me!

This isn't just true for myself, it's a promise to all of us!

Gal 6:9 'Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season you will reap a harvest if you do not give up!'


  1. Amen! :) So true....much how I have been feeling this entire winter. I feel like I am just coming back to life again!!

    1. Lol I keep dying and ressurecting. Lol


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