Oh BOY!!!

Oh my gosh...it's about 7 in the evening and the reality of the news is hitting me.  Since we haven't revealed it, my emotions won't let me celebrate too much until it's out.
Funny I thought I would cry when I found out the news.  But I replayed the moment so many times in my mind already with tears...by the time I found out ...I just knew.
I had so many stinking signs it was a boy...it's actually quite a miracle.
I asked God to show me signs and he did.. About 7 or 8 of them.  SO my advice if your pregnant and want to know the gender...forget old wives tales ask God for specific signs.
My last sign was given to me the day before the ultrasound.  I asked God to show me a sign with "his name".  Now his hame isn't Joe or Bob or some usual name that would be seen everywhere.  So when a friend sent me a picture of a name she was considering for her child and under names you might also like I was my childs name I ALMOST FELL OFF MY CHAIR!
All of a sudden peace and confirmation completely filled me heart and I said 'YES Lord".  The peace was so strong that I had no doubts at the ultrasound what I would be told.  That morning I felt completely at peace! It actually creeped me out how calm and sure I was...that in of it self made me nervous.  I also had prayed that should we have a girl God would fill us with joy and peace...so I felt there was no need to be anxious about the results! Either way God was going to come through for us.
I am throughly excited...and happy to say I no longer need to pee in mason jars or glasses to get answers! LOL
I have wanted a son for the past 11 years.  Though I am sure I always wanted a son, however becoming pregnant with my first was the first time I really felt a burning desire to have one!
I pray he reaches the world for Jesus and follows in the footsteps of his Daddy.
 The morning of the ultrasound a disciple from our church came to pick me up (not knowing the gender) said " I was praying this morning that "he" be fruitful". That really touched my heart...and I nearly gave it away right then and there to the brother...even in my womb this precious Ray Ray has people praying for his fruitfulness! That same brother also said 'you don't have to tell me what your having, God already confirmed it to me'
The Lord couldn't have worked out my childrens' placing any better...
My first is my first and my precious child that lead me to Christianity.
My middle child really isn't a middle child. She will be my one and only baby girl.
And now I have my first son!  They each have a perfect place in their birth order! :D
Here are the ultrasound spoilers. For full story check out rodneybaby.blogspot.ca
After seeing the 'xy'  sign (scientific term for male) my heart skipped a beat.  I smiled to myself. I wasn't sure if the tech showed me the sign on purpose as a way to 'tell me' without 'telling me' or if it was an accident.  I needed further confirmation. Ray Ray was continuing to be quite active so I said 'he must be a boy cause he's so active'. Would she fall for the bait?
Yup!  She said 'it looks like, I have seen gender a few times since beginning but let's check one more time'
A few times? Heck I hadn't even seen a pee pee once!  So she showed me all his parts... And last but not least the golden Jewels. I squealed 'there it is'. The only time in my life I would be excited to see a pee pee on a screen'. The tech laughed and said 'yes he looks like a boy but just let your doctor call to confirm'.
I smiled and thanked her and walked out not caring if anyone called me.  I know what I saw!  And she saw a number of times... I was having a boy!  And that was that!

I couldn't wait to share with my family & friends to exciting much anticipated news!!


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