Good Bye Media Fast!!

As all my readers know I embarked on the exciting Journey of cutting off social media and media use for 1 month!  Though I am no media junkie the fast wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I was able to see how much time I  did spend on media and how it had sadly gripped my heart.
The fast was mainly for those that were heavy social media users (my closest social media is this blog) so I customized the fast to suite my media use.

I was hoping to end this fast with some grand revelation about media consumption.  To no avail!  Though there were some members in my church that it changed their lives.  Some people have been delivered from watching tv literally all day long.  Delivered from the need to take selfies constantly to upload to instagram and the need to check facebook pages and play

What did it do for me? Well it taught me that God made me creative and I don't need pinterest for EVERYTHING!  And that sharing my life with others personally is more important then via blog.

Happy to be back though! :D

Hope you all had a lovely month!!


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