The Statement Necklace

On my birthday a dear friend of mine gave me my very first one and only 'statement necklace'.

These flashy necklaces are quite 'hot' commodities in the accessory departments and trending on necks everywhere! 

The necklace I received represents me in a lot of ways.  It was simple, classic with a hint of boldness! Just like me!  My friend knows me well and picked a necklace that mirrored who I am as a person. (Good job xoxoxox)

It got me thinking of the statements our lives make.  Right now if your life were to be a statement necklace what sort of 'statement' would it make. 

Another dear friend of mine was describing my husband and I and said 'when she thinks of us she thinks obedience'.  Now I humbly accept that statement and know there have been many disobedient moments in our lives...however, I thought it interesting that to her... that was the 'statement' our lives are making.

While these necklaces are beautiful the Bible says 'let our beauty not merely be outward'.  Take today to take a cold hard look at the statements your life is making.  Let's make our lives make statements of truth, kindness, Christ's Love and generosity.  Let our lives make greater 'statements' than the necklaces we wear!

My new necklace will always be a friendly reminder of the statements I want to make with this life!


  1. Beautiful post and beautiful necklace:)

    1. Thanks girl! WHen I think of your life the "statement" it make to me is SACRIFICE


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