Share & Compare Generation

This is the "share" era.  Thanks to social media and ever progressing technology sharing our lives with one another has never been easier.  The Internet has made distance a non issue by connecting long distance friends and relatives with one another via skype, facebook and the like.
While social media  can be a wonderful way to express yourself and reach out to others, it can also cause insecurities and compare issues that perhaps people didn't suffer from 10 years ago.

I had a friend share a story with me about how she was looking at someones instagram page and after doing so felt completely unfulfilled with her life.  Talk about depressing...but this is what social media can do. Now that it's being shared...we want to compare our lives to it, and compare everyone else's lives.  The 'Jones' family are now all over the internet and keeping up with them is that much more difficult. 

When my friend shared this with me, I thought "is this the life you really want?" A photograph and a witty caption only can depict so much 'truth' in a persons life.  Most people only post those 'happy' 'picturesque' 'proud' moments...not the time that the house was a disaster and  decided to go to bed anyway. Not their husbands angry face when he sees how much money was spent last month.  Not pictures of your children's cavities from all the sweets they have eaten or how they peed their bed. Not the photo that  shows all your flaws, wrinkles,pimples and all!!  Oh no...God forbid we show that we actually burned tonight's dinner!( I actually accidentally  cooked rotten food in my dinner the other night....)

The danger of this share & compare generation is much of what we are "sharing" just isn't reality.  It's not the norm of our's just a small snippet. However, how easy it is for an onlooker to look  at our perfectly edited lives via social media and think "well my life sucks".

When I first started this blog my intention was/is to show my life...a real genuine, honest perspective of the life of a pastors wife and well me....Lady Vee, Victoria.  And I have even found myself at times posting the cute photo's and sharing the "sweet" stories...which could easily cause someone else so read and think 'man...she makes this look so easy??'    I do try and catch myself and throw some boo-hoo's in there.

I really wanted to reach out to all those who have a habit of comparing their lives to others...and let you know behind all those pictures and sweet stories is a DIFFERENT story.   Each of our lives has the good, bad and the ugly! Cherish and love the life God has given you!

Have a lovely week guys!!
Lady Vee


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