PW Pride... Three digit service and move!

Hubby and I started our church in NY a little over 5 years ago!  Most know we started with humble beginnings ...with a whopping 12 people in out first service...7 of which included us, our family and friends.

A couple Sundays ago we had 101 people in church for the first time!  I say this because it absolutely blows my mind.  It's like watching a child grow!  How does that happen?

Our church has been in the 70/80 section for a while...every once and a while reaching up to the 90's...but the 100 mark has been one we have all be waiting to get to for at least a year. 

The milestone seemed 'So close..yet so far' (those word will never be the same thanks to Gabriel's song lol)

Well, we finally reached it.  And it felt great. The usher showed me the count mid service and I actually yelled out in joy!  Thankfully no one heard.

Today's service we finally moved into the other side of our church,that we had been renovating for quite some time!
Another huge milestone for us! To think we moved in just over a year ago, barely filling half the building and now have the entire building to ourselves!! Gods on the move!!

In all honesty, it's not about the numbers at all...especially if you don't see the fruit of it...but this is why I was so excited. We are seeing the fruit. We are seeing young converts lock in and bring their friends and family.  Revival is a sight to see!

Sometimes you can feel your efforts and prayers are pointless but God reminds me that His Word does not return void.

Last year I went through a lot of hellish attacks...some days I felt like this PW stuff just really isn't worth it.  I suffered through and endured...and somehow that sweet number and watching all the lifted hands in worship today made it worth it. 

The fact God could use our lives to help others is an honor and humbling.  I think of the lives God used to help me get to where I am today.

As a new convert Ainsley, Bernie and Rex would pick me up and take myself and my oldest to church.  Giselle lent me the book I kissed dating goodbye and encouraged me with her testimony over birthday cake icecream.  Pastor and Sister Mary gave much encouragement and even drove me to work each morning.  Sister Justlin would pray for me and allow me to come to her home and see a real family function. Lisa & Agatha's example of witnessing and friendship.
And many many others really helped me become the person I am today.

Sometimes we don't realize or we take for granted the role we have in others lives.  I have learned playing that role is the only thing that brings true joy.  Pouring our lives out for others!

Think today of those who have blessed your life and maybe of how you have been instrumental in the lives of others!!

Lady Vee


  1. Sooo exciting!!!!!!

    1. It really is! That's soon to be you guys too! You guys are doing better than Gary & I were when we first started. I am so excited to see all the good to come out of Pickering!!


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