No Makeup Challenge

For the last 9 years I have faithfully worn makeup.  It was an extension of myself.  I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without mascara or concealer, yet since this year has began... I some how have managed to stop wearing makeup.

Now this was not on purpose....but just sort of happened?

I realized I had gone a few days without makeup and decided to put some on and I hated the results.  What was happening to me?  For the first time I understood why most men prefer women not to wear makeup and was able to appreciate my beauty as it is.

I was able to accept my flawed face and feel confident to show those flaws to the world.  How liberating not wearing makeup has been?  It's not makeup that makes me beautiful... It's me.  But avid makeup wearers can succumb to the lie that without makeup they aren't pretty.

The other day my eye was itchy... So I was carefully rubbing u don't want to mess with the mascara and then it dawned on me...I have no mascara on....I was able to rub away!

Getting ready for work, church and outings are so much easier and faster.  One less thing to go wrong.

So I challenge you sisters who swear up and down they can't survive without makeup... go a week in your own skin!  You may be amazed in the beauty you find!

Taking off the makeup gave me a chance to see who I really am...and me thankful and happy with that.  Am I saying I will never wear makeup again?  Maybe  not but I am enjoying the season!

Lady Vee

Comment if you are brave enough to do the challenge!! :)


  1. Challenged accepted- just after the weekend as I have a few formal events to attend :p

  2. This is a great idea! I did this challenge myself a few years to see if I could do it. At first it was really hard for me (can't lie!) but I started to get use it and it made me begin to see my natural beauty! Have fun with this...I wont b joining this time 😜

    1. I hear ya!! At least you have tried it before : .

  3. Wow. Tried to comment and I don't know what happened.

    I had to come read this after discussing it with a friend lol. Anyways, I agree with being fine with your flaws. Sometimes makeup just covers up and creates an unattainable image that makes looking in the mirror that much harder when makeupless. Lol it often just covers up what's not perfect on our face (obviously there are exceptions cuz not everyone who wears makeup is dependant on it and always feels the need to look perfect). Good post... I love that your loving and flaunting "the skin you're in"

    1. I was soo not feeling the bare face...but I pressed on and conquered! Lol


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