Happy New Year & Top 10 Life update!

It amazes me how time passes so quickly...the older I get time just seems to fly.  Once upon a time writing was a favourite past time of mine...but in the last couple months it has been the last thing on my mind for many reasons!

One of the more exciting reasons I have been M.I.A. is because I am EXPECTING!!  Woop! Woop!  I am 16 weeks preggers and ba-da-ba-ba-bah I'm loving it! :)
I hope to get back on the ball with weekly pregnancy updates and life updates that I have been slacking on shamefully!

Other things that have kept me busy have been work and my ever growing church!  Some days I feel spread thin from all the obligations I have.  Mother, wife, friend, daughter, christianity, ministries, follow up, family, church life, work, new friendships, cleaning, cooking and being preggo!  This week I decided it was time for some R &R and treated myself to a pedicure and ice cream.  It felt nice to just kick back and let those magical chairs give me the best back massage a $25 pedi can buy!!

When you go this long without any life updates, the idea of filling you all in on  the details of the past months seems...uhh tiring?  But for good sport I will give you a top 10 life updates since last post to now!

10.  Nov 4th-found out I was pregnant! This news meant the world to me as we were trying for our 3rd!  This will be our last so I  am enjoying and soaking up every minute of pregnancy! For details check out 40 Weeks of Heaven

9.  Had some scary complications at about 8 weeks of pregnancy, was put on bed rest...my church family & friends prayed me through...and I was able to recover within a couple weeks!

8. Christmas brought wonderful memories with church and family. And our special news was finally out in the open to shout from the roof tops!!
7.  New years celebrations....our church had a Red Carpet Affair & Award show! A grand time...with a jazz song I wrote winning "song of the year".

6.  The new year starts with the Read your Bible in One Year Challenge. I plunge head first into the Word and am committed to being a better christian this year than the last!

5.  Married life couldn't be better...what a special bond having a child can bring between a husband and wife. Not to mention when you go through a thing or two as a coupe it brings you closer than ever before.

4.  Planning a Gender Reveal Party. The theme is 'beaus & bows'!  Super excited to be hosting one of these trending events!  Any excuse to throw a party is always a good one...and one centered around a cute little bambino...even better!

3.  New Song inspiration...when you write songs...sometimes you wonder how it happened and can I ever write another one??  By the grace of God, He gave me a new song idea to write and another one in the works ( excited that one of them is jazzy again)

2.  Turning 29  very soon!  This isn't quite a highlight...but I guess I feel proud to have gotten through the age of 28.  Last year I received a word that didn't quite a make sense...as the year progressed my word came to pass and ended with "You shall bud blossom and bring forth fruit & that fruit shall remain"...not sure if that fruit is the church growing and expanding into the whole building now...not just half...or the fact I have a little one one the way!  I will just claim both!

1.  Rekindling the love of reading!!  I have been reading much more bible & bible reading plans but even have been poking my nose into some other classics... I have long forgotten the satisfaction reading can bring!  I encourage you to pick up a book too!

Alright ask me no questions...I tell you no lies...
All caught up with the top 10 life update...
WIll be tuning in weekly with the hilarious life of Lady Vee!! 

Love you all!

Be blessed!
16 week Baby Bump

More at 15 /16 weeks!

The baby ready to become the middle child!

14 weeks baby is the size of an apple!

Daughters loving Reading!

Bump at 11/12 weeks

Happy New Years from the Rodneys

Any excuse to wear my facinator...award show will do!

Family at Christmas...first christmas with bro in 13 years


And grows!

The day I found out our Little Bambino would be coming into the world

Mother of two soon to be mother of three!!


  1. Aw! Lookin' good Lady Vee ;)
    I can't believe how much the church has grown!!!

    1. Thanks so much girl! Heard you made a double batch of biscuits the other day!? Heheh me and my pregnant self could go for a batch! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. VEE!!! Yay I am so excited to read this. Absolutely thrilled for you and your growing family. What a blessed little one to be born into YOUR family!

    1. Thanks Carly! We are just to excited! Hope all is going well with nursing school!


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