Seasons of Marriage

Recently I gave a speech for a friend at her wedding.  The speech was concluded with 3 tips to a 'successful marriage'.

One of the tips I gave her was a reminder that there are many seasons of marriage. Ups and downs, side to sides...and it's important to learn to navigate through those seasons.

In the early years of my marriage whenever I would complain or whine about things not being 'the way I hoped' my loving husband would always tell me 'it's just a season'.  I began to loathe those words. 'It's just a season...ha...feels like an eternity to me!'

Many years and seasons later I have learned to appreciate the seasons.    I have learned how to make the 'tough' seasons, not so tough!

Since the hubster and I pastor a church, I have learned all too quickly that the tough seasons are aimed right at me and my family.

This past year we have experienced our share of tough seasons but instead of letting it be something that drove us apart we chose to let it draw us closer.  To be frank... that sounds so pathetically cliché... But when u go through it you realize it's the truth.

Here are some ways we kept connected during our tough times

Talking it through: This past year we have had to talk a lot...about a lot of things. And I think we have communicated our feelings much more than we have in past years.  Also bare in mind, it's okay to revisit topics.  You don't have to just have one 'talk' and then expect everything to be A OK!

Praying it through: Pathetically cliche moment #2.  But again when you are hitting rock bottom in a heart wrenching season prayer avails MUCH!

Taking time together: This past summer I had emergency surgery and had to be home on bed rest for about two weeks.  During this time my dear husband was the biggest support any woman could ask for.  Though it was a tough time, Gary called me and asked if I wanted to go out for a date.  We ended up making it a family date...but that time together played an instrumental part in helping us get through a tough time. 

This past weekend I returned from our annual marriage retreat and was refreshed and reminded once again that there are seasons in marriage but if you use wisdom and the Lords help the tough seasons don't have to be as tough!

God Bless you & your marriage!

Lady Vee


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