Fighting Religiousness

Lately I have had a serious case of writers block.  But then when I thought about it I realized I have plenty to say...just haven't been open to saying it.

One thing that has been on my heart lately is how easy it is to become religious.  Especially for myself as a pastors wife...I live Christianity in auto pilot. This is what I know do to. It's my life!  I go to church, read, pray and then live.  I don't do any thing I shouldn't ( not saying I'm perfect) but anyone who has served God for any length of time knows what I am talking about.

Slowly we go from relying on Gods strength to our own.  I noticed that happening the other day.  A certain situation made me less than thrilled and instead of turning to Christ to handle the matter...I turned to...Go....oogle!

Certainly there is a step by step recipe to fix my problem.  How pathetic. How easy this becomes the longer you serve God, to push Him to the side and search for other ways to solve your problems.

There have been times I have prayed only to get it off my check list. No conversation, no waiting on the Lord...just a 'hey Lord, here I am, didn't forget you...k bye'.

Am I the only Christian this happens to?
Ha...I certainly am not, perhaps the only that's willing to admit it.  So how do resist the temptation to become religious? How to keep things fresh?

I look at my relationship with God like any other relationship.  To keep it fresh I need to invest.  And yes I invest much into my relationship with God, I go to church, read, pray...yada yada.  But like any relationship you have to mix things up a bit. 

Any wife can relate to this.  We want out husband's to surprise us with flowers, or a special date.  We got that desire from God. He desires us to persue him.  To go above and beyond the mundane and regular to worship Him!

So this week I encourage you to spice up your relationship with Jesus, do something new to get close to him.  Maybe book a Jesus date and go have a coffee & read, or study a new aspect of Gods word, have a spontaneous outreach...the sky is the limit!

I am sure that will awaken and deepen your relationship with God and cause the Religious spirit to go Buh-bye!


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