Back to School, welcome fall

As you all probably know fall is my most favorite season!   Every year without fail my heart leaps as the leaves change.
I love the scarves, candles, colors, boots...I swear I have written this before... Lol

Anyhow every year around fall I set some fall resolutions.  Because September always feels more like the start of the year for me than January does. Blame back to school for that!

Here are my fall resolutions

1) Not to complain, this has been my year resolution and one I feel I have been failing. Not that I have been complaining outwardly much, but now instead inwardly.  So I am not allowing myself even 'complaining' thoughts...only maybe a day a week...or else I just may explode Lol

2)Revisited the indoor voice with kiddos, maybe back to school or just stress of life has cause my voice to raise a few octaves and in volume lately! Back to a quieter and calmer tone.

3) A book a day, gives me something to say... OK more like one book per week. My oldest daughter has that challenge for school so I am joining her. 

If you are an avid follower of my blog you know I have done all these for fun I shall try something new.

4) Cook an everything from scratch meal once per week and blog about it.  Yikes, talk about commitment, truly considering back spacing right about now.  And to think you would never know!

As this new school year has started I have gone back to work. I am working at my daughters school. Major plus!  So that's been a new challenge, but very exciting. My focus has been very home based lately. Trying to be the best wife and mom I can be.  Giving my best to my family and equipping them with what they need to go out into the world each day!

I have a special burden for my family and home. I guess it's a God given burden and one I don't take lightly.  This fall I plan to take my commitment to my family much more seriously and shower them with love, prayer and service.

I encourage and pastors wife,mother or wife out there to do the same.  And if you are a hot single sis I encourage you to develop practices of a Godly wife and mother.  Let your private life be one that glorifies God.

Lots of love

Lady Vee


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