Post 200

Wow, today is my 200th post!
How time has flown since I wrote my first, and some how my 100th post I think I may have forgotten about.

This blog has truly be a special place for me.  A friend of mine said that when I write it doesn't sound like me.  What I have realized is that this is a place I can be the me I want to be.  I can get away with saying "thangs" I possibly wouldn't in real life and get to express my inner most thoughts that I rarely do in day to day conversation.

I really treasure this blog and am hoping to take it to next next level.
But I need your help.

What are some things that you would like to read about?
What are some things you think I could do to attract more traffic to my site?
What are some of the posts you have enjoyed and would like me to do more of?
Do you read any of my other blogs, ie.,

Thank you to all my faithful readers and here is to 200 more posts! xoxoxox


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