Lady Vee Life Photo Update

Didn't realize how tall my baby is until I saw her sprawled out on the sofa

Sunday Fun at church

So sweet she made this cake for her daughters birthday! And it tasted YUM!

LOL to the random foot of mine in the photo

Sisters painting :)

My Bro & My Daddy

Nothing like chicken and chess to pass time

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Did I buy them? No...not yet lol

Ms. wRight and her wRightmaids...missing Ess

This little baby is such a tropper she went in for stomach surgery at two months old...She is doing just fine!

Too cute, from a bday party we attended

How's that for a last minute party...last minute as in 1 hour before arrival

Me & my man...gotta love him

Our trip to Niagara with Pastor Tops & Sis Joanna

Miya's orientation..aaahh she starts school


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