Procrastination Killer

Procrastination.... Sigh
We have all been there... Put off that pile of laundry to fold, don't make that call we needed to, pressed snooze instead of getting up those couple minutes early. Sadly procrastination can get to even the best of us. We have all done it, and for some of us we wonder 'Will I ever stop?'  
I believe we can!  I believe we can kick procrastination in the butt forever!
Here are few of the ways I keep procrastination to a minimum in my life.

The Lady Vee Show
OK now this sounds really silly, but when I am faced with a task I absolutely dread, like doing dishes or book keeping I pretend my life is a TV show.  And a popular one at that!! ;)  I pretend I am an expert in this particular area. If you have children you can even have then 'watch' your show and give them a full enthusiastic tutorial on how to 'clean the toilet' or whatever your task may be.  Sounds silly, but it's actually a lot of fun.  We are motivated to do things that bring us joy, and some how pretending we are some celebrity hosting our own show seems to do the trick!  At least for me :)

5 minute Rule
When there is a task I am feeling less than enthusiastic about doing, I force myself do it for five minutes. Usually by the end of that five minutes I am already so 'in' to what I'm doing I just finish it. Often procrastination prevents you from wanting to start,  once we do we are usually content to finish.

Lazy Day
To live a life procrastination free often means that we spend our time busy. We are always on our feet moving from one task to the next. Most of us can only do that for so long only then we fall back into our old habits thinking 'this is too hard'. So give yourself a break once a week. Make sure the day before your break you work extra hard to make up for you day off and then just relax. Bask in your clean home, enjoy the fact that all your banking is done, or you finished your project 2 weeks in advance. If you never appreciate how hard you work you won't continue to work hard.
If you take the time to change an area in your life, give your self a pat on the back. There are many other ways to prevent procrastination but I find with any new habit it's best to keep it simple.  Work on those three areas and you will be amazed how that old habit will be a thing of the past!
Are you a procrastinator?  Have you found any ways to help you kick the habit in the butt?? Do share!


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