Awaken the Housewife in You

Over the years I have met all sort of people. The super clean freaks like my Ma...the sloppy joes of society and the lukewarm cleaners in between.  As a house wife I have become more of a 'cleaner' then I was as a single gal.  Mostly because well this is my full time job now.  But keeping your home clean, your room clean and life clean is becoming of any christian lady, regardless of age.  I notice this generation of women is becoming less and less culinary and homemaker-ish..(like that word) and more and more self focused and out of home focused.
Many young girls don't know how to cook and they are 17...18...19??  They don't know how to clean, how to host a party...Nada! Total waste of womanhood if you ask me.  Now I am not advocating that's girls don't get educations or persue other endeavors, but first 'thangs' first!  Let's get our home in order. 
Years ago I heard a quote that says the 'messiest' place in your home is a reflection of your spiritual life and your character.  It reflects what's going on inside. I partially agree with this quote, unless you are OCD and completely over the top clean freak..
Then I think you may have some other issues you need to deal with that I won't be covering in this post! Lol
So I have developed some little rules or standards I try to uphold in my home, to keep my life in order.
Room First
Always clean the room first then everything else. Something about having a clean room leads to a clean life. If I have people coming over the first thing I clean is my room.  Now some may think 'why, it's not like anyone is going in there?'. And that may be true, but to me what sense is it to appear to be clean on the outside and not be clean on the inside. Have you ever had company and then a person wants to open a door or a drawer and you panic and say 'oh don't go in there, it's messy'. It's an embarrassing moment and it reveals who you really are...a hidden mess!!? How lovely!
Clean the clean
Some people will do these major cleans once a week or once a month...yeeek...
And it will look lovely and then that's the end of it till it gets gross again.  I personally do daily cleans. I daily clean my bath tub, daily clean the toilets, or vacuum. Make cleaning become a part of your life daily not just weekly. I am not saying I clean every inch of my house every day, but I am not allowing it go get really dirty either.  Because when its dirty... It's not that fun to clean and it takes much longer!
Have a Housewife Moment

Whether you are a house wife, or a single gal living at home, or if you have roommates every girl needs to have one of these moments. Where you pretend your from the 50's, get that apron on and spend the day or evening just cleaning, cooking and baking.  Not your thing?  Well get a cute apron, do your hair in some 50's inspired hair style...and grab some heels.  This will give some dignity to what you are doing!  One day you most likely will be a wife and mom, why not practice now!  And for all my fellow housewives who grudgingly clean & cook daily, well why not do it  50's style.  Stilettos anyone? ;)
Lesson of the day: Girls let's be clean, let's be lady like, let's awaken the homemakers within us!!:D


  1. Hi Lady Vee. Just found your blog. This post really spoke to me and inspired me. I'm also a pastor's wife. I'm bookmarking so I can read your future posts.


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