A Peaceful Home

Often people come to my house and comment on how peaceful it is. Or how 'homey' it feels. I certainly take pride that my home is a nice place for people to visit but really the peace in my home is for us. For my family, for me!  Our homes are our safe havens.  A home should be a place you look forward to come home to. A place that you don't want to leave. 
There are a few things I do to make my house a home. These little tricks don't cost much and can go a long way.
First and foremost pray over your home on a regular basis. We want to keep evil spirits of division, anger and discord out of our homes. Daily pray over your family and home for peace, hope, happiness and Gods will!

Appeal to the senses
The moment you open the door there is a scent that will emerge from your house. For some it's the smell of food, maybe their pets, laundry, candles all of those combined. But I encourage you to find a candle you really love and burn it in your home on a regular basis. When you walk in and smell that heavenly scent you automatically feel comfort and at home. I actually anticipate the smell of my house every time I arrive home. I take a deep breath as I enter the home. Its therapeutic.

Your home need not be fancy but playing a little music, lighting a candle and a relatively clean area can send relaxing signals to the brain. I try to keep my living room in order and clutter free at all times. As this is the room in my house where we unwind. If it's filled with clutter it's a bit difficult to unwind.

Home is definitely where my heart is and if you want to know who I am, come to my home. A home tells alot about the type of person you are and the type of person you are becoming.
When I walk into others homes I enjoy it. It tells me the things they value and the type of people they are. What does your home say about you?


  1. I'm striving to create a peaceful home every day. It's something that needs to be guarded zealously, diligently. Another inspirational post. Thanks. I needed a bit of inspiration today.


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