Summer Fav things Tag/Haul

Alas the summer is upon us!
Here are some of the products and things I into this summer season :)

Bright orange/coral and cool mint
If truth be told I would decorate with mint but that would involve me changing my whole home decor.  Not going to happen! 
I absolutely love wearing orange. So bright and summery!

Perfume-Pink Chiffon- got it as a mothers day gift and I have to say smells sweet and fresh for summery. I have put my regulars to rest for the season.

Candles & Oils
I can't decide what scents I like for summer. But am experimenting with more tropical and citrus scents. A summer fav of mine is satsuma though I haven't burnt it much this year yet. Loving Sunset Beach and Aloha Waikiki.

Usually I am more the natural makeup look. Just a polished but not too much look.  For summer coloured eye liner and blushes have worked their way into my routine :)

Style/ Fashion
This summer I think I will be wearing a lot of over sized bright shirts with thin belts.  I think leggings will be something I wear more with cotton dresses. This summer I want to rock more accessories than I would in past years. With lots of Gold and chunky bracelets.

Good eat outs
Spin Dessert Cafe has a really yummy chicken Caesar wrap.  Eating a lot of green and orange vegetables/ fruits. Perhaps my favorite colors are effecting my food choices!

Brazilian jazz has been dancing through the rooms of my home, also enjoying Anthony Evans.

Focusing on my bible memorization. Hope to have new testament memorized chapter by chapter by end of summer!
 Hope to read a biography at some point over the summer. If you know of any please share!

Go Vee Go!! LOL I need to learn to keep my head up
This was the first day, I look like a cheer leader! LOL

Basketball, yes at my ripe young age I am learning to play ball! LOL I have a friend teaching me to play!  SO exciting! Always wanted to be a baller!

Fav Summer Meal
Avocado salad
Simple spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumber avocado, cilantro and a balsamic vinaigrette.   My special chipotle seasoning sprinkled on top

Well folks enjoy the summer while its with us. Here in Canada summer is way to short... I intend on enjoying every moment of it. Challenging myself to daily go out in the sun!


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