Seven Years and Counting

Well this day 7 years ago I was officially a married women. Amazing how time flies, how our marriage has grown, how we have grown as individuals.  When I look back at where we were 7 years ago to now, it beyond no reasonable doubt we are completely different people.

My marriage has developed in stages. Each stage getting better and better, yet presenting its own set of challenges.
The biggest lesson I have learned is that things are for a season and to let the season pass.

Sometimes things won't be as happily ever after as you hoped, but it does not mean its dooms day for the rest of your marriage either. Early in my marriage I could only see things for that moment, with no hope of improvement in the future. Though I am happy with the place we are in our marriage presently, I know there is always room for growth! God has moved so much in our lives and that experience give me hope for changes in the future.

I encourage any newly wed or even someone who has been married a while to learn to see past the season. Have hope for better days, and learn to enjoy the good days! 

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!
Thanks for sticking with me!


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