Look Your Best

        So last week I began this 'looking my best challenge'
Basically everyday I have to attempt to 'look my best'. Meaning I get my hair all 'did' each morning, put a little makeup on and don't just throw on the house sweats.
To all my hero's out there that do this on the regs...hats off to you.  But being a stay at home momma has made it all too easy to just waste away in my sweats and head tie all day long. I have had inspiring moments over the years where I attempt this getting dressed nice each day and usually after about a week I am worn out. Lol

    But I watched this video the other day about the importance of looking nice everyday and how it effects your mood and productivity.  Not dressing my best causes me to shy away from interacting with others, prevents me from going outside spur of the moment and can make me feel less attractive and confident around my spouse.  Once I learned these effects I quickly decided this was an area of my life I needed to change. 

          So I quickly reorganized my wardrobe and eliminated all my 'ugly' clothes.  I put out all my jewelry so I could see it in my drawer and have easy access to wearing it.  Before it was all wrapped up for those 'special' occasions.  I made a vanity section in my room to bring dignity to doing my makeup daily and even watched some new makeup tutorials.  These little things have made 'looking' pretty each day seem more of a joy than a drag & hassle.

        At my heart I am a low key kinda gal. Give me my sweats and my house and I can stay here forever lol.  But this type of hermit lifestyle robs me of joy and the opportunities to get out there and meet other people. Robs my children of an enthusiastic momma and my husband of a wife that's nice to look at when he comes home! I have only been doing this challenge for  a week, and am sharing with you lovely folks so I have no choice but to stick it out!! Lol

*Just a little tip a friend gave me...when you have to clean with bleach or things that can ruin your clothes still do your hair and makeup, and try and wear 'nice' sweats...not ugly ones with holes and make you look homeless :).  Have your fancy outfit on the bed all laid out and ready to change into once you are done with the messy stuff.  Aprons help too while cleaning*


  1. Wow! I can so relate to this post.. I'd say I'm pretty low key myself, the only days I care to look nice are church days lol. I'll have those "I wanna start putting more of an effort into how I look!" And the hype lasts 2.5 days haha. But good for you! Keep it up, it does definitely make me feel better the days I do try :)
    - Sheila

    1. Lol Sheila. I hear you! I am 2/3 weeks into this and I think now its pretty much become a habit. I make sure on days I really don't feel like dressing up to really go all out.

  2. I have to be more consistent with this. I'm doing better than before but need to be more regular. I was wondering how I was going to handle those bleach and extra dirty jobs. Thanks for a solution. Have a blessed day.


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